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Now that it’s warm outside and everything’s turning green and blooming, I might as well skip back to January and pick up with a post about the snow day that we got.  Anyone who lives up North would laugh that we considered this a snow day, but we definitely did!  And poor Charlotte is going to be devastated one of these years when it doesn’t even snow this much one year, because by now she’s convinced that it snows every winter in Alabama.
Even though she didn’t think it was too out of the ordinary, she was excited to get all bundled up!

Jason pulled C in a sled down to the new house so we could see it in the snow.  She had a blast in the sled, but ended up with icy fingers since she kept her in the snow the whole ride!  (James was snoozing warmly in his crib with Memma and Papa supervising, we didn’t forget him!)
Daddy’s first mission was to teach C how to make snowballs!  And he demonstrated how to throw them by tossing one at me….not his best idea…. 🙂

We were glad that Mr. Russell drove by so that he could take a picture of us.  We had fun playing in the yard and also were glad that the heat was on inside so we could warm up before heading back to Memma and Papa’s!

On our way back we went down the cart path and Charlotte and Jason did some sledding down the hills.  I wasn’t sure if C would like it but it turned out that she loved it!  We practically had to drag her away to get home!

James was awake when we got home and I had grand plans recreate the precious snow angel picture of Charlotte at the end of this post with James.  And the next two pictures and video might give you some indication on why I decided I needed to put down my camera more and just enjoy my kids.  🙂

To say that James was not a fan of the snow would be a HUGE understatement!

The good thing is that in this picture, it’s far enough away that you can’t see the big crocodile tears falling down James’ cheeks….

Even if Brother didn’t have fun, Sissy had the time of her life!  She stayed out as long as she possibly could and had a blast building a snowman with her Daddy!

Charlotte named her snowman Mr. Jumbo and as the next few days rolled by and he got smaller and smaller his name changed to smaller and smaller adjectives.  But I bet she doesn’t forget Mr. Jumbo since he’s the first snowman that she actively built!  Hopefully she’ll get to build another one next year!

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