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I’ve blogged about my favorite children’s books in the past but wanted to jump on with Kelly’s Show Us Your Life today to post my updated favorites.  As the kids get older my “favorites” for them change and I want to share what we’re loving right now.  For those new readers from Kelly’s (thanks for coming!) I’ve got an almost 4 year old little girl and a one and a half year old little boy.

Charlotte loves all Fancy Nancy books but this one might be her favorite.  I like how the books address applicable topics (ballet recitals, not listening, lying at school, doing things with your family instead of your friends, etc) but in a way that she can relate to them.  I think that the books are setting a good tone as she grows and becomes more aware of the world.  And she loves how “fancy” Fancy Nancy is!  As an added bonus, the books use lots of big, new words which has really expanded her vocabulary!
Charlotte loved “Where’s My Sweetie Pie?” when she was little and now James loves it and Charlotte loves reading it again.  It’s a fun lift the flap book that ends with a mirror so that they can see themselves.  When we get to the end James (sometimes) points at himself in the mirror and yells “Me!” The only downside is that some of the flaps have small connecting places which my children have easily torn.
This book was one that Mom pulled out from when Charlie and I were little.  Charlotte has picked it up and loves reading it now.  For a few days it was even her favorite!  I love the message that the Mommy owl always comes back.
I’m not a big fan of the other Llama Llama books (I don’t love their messages and the attitudes and actions of Baby Llama) but I’m a huge fan of this board book.  It’s short and sweet and is more of a “boy” book than some of the other board books that we have from when Charlotte was little.  James likes reading it and will actually sit in my lap through the whole thing since it’s short.  And the short words (zip, zoom, swoosh….) are words that he can try to say as we’re reading.
I think I’ll always love this book because it’s the book that includes the first word that Charlotte can “read”.  She learned how to spell “zoo” and points it out every time it appears in the book.  Recognizing this word and being able to pick it out on the pages has led to more of an interest on her part in learning words and asking questions about reading.  All of these little pocket sized books (Big Dog…Little Dog, Are you my Mother?, etc) are great because they’re easy to throw in a bag to take out and about and they are chock full of small words that pre-schoolers can start to recognize.

This book (and a similar one with jungle animals) are favorites of James’ right now.  He loves opening up the pop up pages over and over again.  He forgets about them if they’re not out in the open, but as soon as he sees one he grabs it immediately and brings it to you to go through with him!

They’re absolute favorite books right now though are their Blurb picture books!

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