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What to get those who do so much for us?

Our parents do everything for us from the moment we’re born.  As we grow older we start taking on more and more of the responsibilities that they initially handled for us.  But, even as adults, they are still there watching our back and helping us out left and right.  
When you become a parent you appreciate all that your parents have done for you even more!  And if I felt like I needed to get my parents something good to show them how much I appreciated them before I was a parent, now that I’m a Mom I’ve realized that nothing can ever repay your parents but they don’t even really want to be “repaid”, they’re just happy to do it for you!
Despite that fact, I still want to get our parents a meaningful gift on holidays, but they’re very hard to buy for since they rarely make lists or can even tell me anything that they want.  Since I’m a “words” person, I decided to go that route this past Christmas to get something made especially for all of our parents.
Last fall, I saw a quote on Pinterest and asked my friend Meghann if she could custom make some signs for both sets of our parents out of the saying.  She did a great job of giving me options on fonts and colors and sizes until they were just right.  I loved them when I got them and our parents did too!

Meghann is very talented and can custom design basically any saying that you would like.  She’s done other signs for me before and they always turn out beautifully.  Custom signs can take some time so go ahead and get in contact with her if you want one for Mother’s Day.  She also has an Etsy shop if you want to go with something that she’s already made.  As a bonus, she’s offering readers a 15% off discount to her Etsy Shop!  Just use the code ‘ALOVELY15’ to get 15% off of your purchase!
I think these would make great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts (for you OR your parents!).

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