Building a Home – Mudroom Reveal

I’m obviously starting with chronicling the easiest places to clean up, make photo-ready, and photograph.  I’ve done the Kid’s Study area, the Powder Bath, and now The Mudroom.
This is one area that I have been thankful for over and over again since we moved in.  It has provided us with a place right next to our garage door to store our school tote bags, jackets, purses, shoes, and seasonal items.  Even though it can look cluttered at times, the closed shelves on the end provide me with ample space to stuff random items as needed to clean it up.
You can check out our inspiration for these areas in the original Mudroom Inspiration post.
These mudroom inspiration rooms combined some of my desires.  Individual cubby’s for family members, storage for shoes as we come in the house, and closed storage.  We had our architect include a space for built in cabinets and then had Valerie design an elevation for our cabinets.
Then we had our cabinet people design based off of that preliminary drawing.  We modified a few things (like the depth of the cubby’s and closed storage) and they built it and installed it.  And now, here it is!
Just to point out some of the features that we love about it…..

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