Displaying Photos of Your Children

Ever since our first session with Erin Cobb, I have been dreaming of gallery walls of pictures of our family.  Over the past few years these walls have transformed and I wanted to share what we’ve done along with a sample for what sizes we hung in case any of you are looking for gallery wall ideas.  Without fail, our gallery walls are our number one most commented on item in our house.  Every single person who walks in is blown away by them and I absolutely adore having pictures of our family and our children on our walls.  Here are our gallery wall iterations!

6 pictures
1 30×30
1 20×30
4 14×14
All spacing is 2″ apart
All canvases are 2″ deep

7 Pictures
1 30×30
1 20×30
4 14×14
1 24×30
All spacing is 2″ apart
All canvases are 2″ deep

1 30×30
5 14×14
1 20×30
2 20×10
3 16×20
(actual picture is missing one 20×10 that I haven’t been able to locate at the new house, but it’s included in the second template)

One thing that gives these gallery walls such a big punch is that all the pictures were taken by a professional.  But they’re set in different places and with different color tones so I definitely don’t think they all have to be professional pictures.  As you can imagine, I don’t even want to contemplate the amount of money that we have spent on these walls over the years, and it would be much less expensive to intersperse quality pictures that you take along with professional photos.
You’ll also notice in the largest gallery wall that it isn’t all 2″ deep canvases.  I’ve mixed in some storyboards that are about 1″ thick.  In a strictly symmetrical gallery display it would probably look best for everything to be the same depth (and have the same edge color if the picture doesn’t wrap the edges).  But in an organic display different depths or edge colors blend perfectly.  Our large wall is a make up of canvases that we have transitioned out of the main gallery wall, canvases that we got to match another (for instance, one of each of the kids running at 18 months and one of each of the kids sleeping at newborn), and storyboards.
I don’t think you’ll ever regret making a huge statement about your family on your walls.  And I love the look of pictures that chronicle our lives.  I will keep adding and changing them out as the kids get older and we get more and I’m sure they will bleed over to other areas soon enough.  In the stairway I will probably try and incorporate things other than just pictures like artwork by the kids, initials, or other things.  Hopefully these will inspire you to create your own gallery wall!

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    May 3, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Oh, friend…I LOVE THE WALLS!!! I finish with school in two weeks. I need to plan a trip to visit this summer!!

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