Happy Birthday Charlotte!


My precious, precious baby girl.  I can’t believe that you turn four today.  It seems impossible that you are already that old — next year you’ll fill up a hand! — and just as impossible that you’ve only been in our lives for four years.  You are a remarkable little girl and we love every second of being your parents!

One of the things that you say most to be these days is, “You’re too excited.”  Anytime I’m gushing over how sweet you are or how good you did or how much I love you, you just look at me and tell me I’m too excited.  Almost like you’re thinking, “Get a grip Mom” but in a nicer way.  But, since you won’t read this for a long time, I’m going to take my chance today to get way too excited about you baby girl because you are extraordinary!

You have grown a lot this year.  I wasn’t sure how you would adjust to real life preschool this year but you took to it with flying colors.  You made friends that are all your own and you would get in the car when I picked you up and tell me all about what you played with your friends on the playground or in the gym.  I loved hearing (and watching on occasion) you interact with your peers.  I always heard how nice you were to others and I loved watching that personality trait develop in you.  It will take you far in life!

And these two pictures just show how grown up you seem these days.  You’ve mastered the sorority girl squat and love sticking your hands in your pockets.  One day the teacher who brought you to the car for carpool pick up told me, “I feel like I’m talking to a 20 year old when I talk to her!” You use huge words and have a tremendous vocabulary.  You love learning and your favorite books right now are books that explain “Why” (What is rain? Why do the leaves change colors? What is electricity? etc).  I always shake my head when I find myself explaining the three states of matter to you or something equally grown up and you listen to me and then when I ask if you understand you look at me and say, “Not really.”  And then I mentally think, “Well, of course not! You’re only three!”  It’s just that you act so grown up sometimes that it’s hard to remember that you are still so little.

In addition to your years adding up, your personality is bursting out of your little body.  These are the faces you gave me for “silly”, “sad”, and “frustrated”.  You are a fireball full of energy and life.  That comes with quite a side of drama, but lets just say that you come by that honestly and leave it at that.  I don’t think life with you will ever be dull and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

In the past year your growth in personality has contributed to you being much more outgoing in unfamiliar situations.  We weren’t sure how you would do at your spring program at school but you were definitely singing the loudest of the kids in your class while you performed!  We’re still not sure how showcase will go next week but if it goes anything like your spring program and how you do in classes, you will shine!

You love your family and we love you.  After we got back from Paris you would “play Paris” and would tell us to be the parents and we would have to beg you not to leave when you told us you were leaving for Paris.  When I told you on Monday night that I only lived a half mile away from Memma so you had to live a half mile or less away from me when you grew up you got real serious and said, “But I always want to be in your family!”  After we established that we will always be family, she decided that she’d just list with us forever.  So, heads up to her future husband, it’s going to be crowded over here.

And while you love Daddy and me, you especially adore your little brother.  And he adores you.  His favorite word is “Sissy” and when we would drop you off at school on some mornings he would cry because he wouldn’t want you to go.  He is your shadow and y’all play so well together.  I pray that that continues as you get older.

Charlotte, I could continue writing for hours about how awesome you are and how much I love you.  I’m not sure that I could run out of adjectives to describe you.  Funny.  Kind.  Silly.  Sweet.  Dramatic.  Imaginative.  Thoughtful.  Considerate.  Organized.  Opinionated.  Vocal.  Energetic.  Happy.  Joyful.  I could go on.  You are an amazing girl and we are so thankful that we get to be your parents.  You bring such joy to us and make us so happy.  We love you so much and are so excited to celebrate you turning FOUR today!

Je t’aime Charlotte, we love you!
Happy Birthday!
Mommy and Daddy

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    May 22, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!
    Enjoy your big day today!
    Memma and Papa

  2. Reply
    May 22, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Happy Fourth Birthday, Charlotte! We wish you a wonderful birthday, and we love you very much!

    KayKay & GrandDavid

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