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Today I’m excited to introduce you to one of my friends and sorority sister.  She has a new kids clothing line that I’m in love with!  Jana started Little Lang’s in the Fall of 2012 and has received a great response to her adorable outfits for girls and boys.  I sent her some questions so that you could learn a little more about her and her awesome line.


What made you want to start Little Lang’s?
I started Little Langs after I realized my love for sewing and putting fabrics and designs together.  I started making my kids clothes and others started asking me to make for them!   I work part time but realized THIS is what I enjoy and love–and life is too short to spend your whole life doing something you don’t enjoy!  I got over my fear factor and went for it.  What do I have to lose?  

What are you most proud of about the line?
I am most proud of how far we have come in 5 months!  We have launched 2 lines, winter and spring/summer as well as recently paired up with an incredible manufacturer and will be featured on ZULILY three times this month!  It’s been incredible.

What are you favorite pieces for a boy?
I love the Madras appliqué shirts as well as our Little Lang’s Classic with our logo.  It’s simple, cute, age appropriate- and they feel like Dad, yet the handprint reminds us they are still our little boy.

What about your favorite pieces for a girl?
For girls—that’s hard!  Bubbles are always adorable but I love our Seersucker Cupcake/Capri set.  It just doesn’t get much cuter!

What’s your goal for Little Lang’s?
My short term goal is to continue to increase my reach to other areas and demographics.  Long term, I’d like to grow the business enough to be able to quit my day job and focus on this!
What are some opportunities for others to support you and get involved?
For those who like our clothing, my hope is that they share with others! We hope to grow and pride ourselves on our quality products and excellent customer service.  If someone would like to host a Little Lang’s trunk show, they can contact me (jana (at) littlelangs (dot) com).

You can catch up with Jana on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  And, of course, check out her adorable Little Lang’s website!

And like Jana mentioned, she’s going to be on ZULILY multiple times this month! Her first sale starts this Sunday, May 19th so don’t miss it! You can get some wonderful pieces at a discounted price but remember, supplies are limited!!

As an extra bonus, Jana is excited to offer Tales of a Peanut readers a sale on her Perfect for Play line that is selling like hotcakes!  She’s offering readers boy shirts and girly fit shirts for $19 and $3 off ALL bloomer sets, cotton dresses, and onesies.  Just mention that you saw about Little Lang’s in the “Message” area of the order form.  Jana will send you a modified invoice for your shirts when she processes your order.

And one more way to get a deal on Little Lang’s merchandise is to check out the inventory sale on the Little Lang’s facebook page.  Jana has listed items that she has in sizes available (nothing custom ordered) and if you can find one in your child’s size you’ll get a bargain!

Thanks Jana for sharing Little Lang’s with us today!  I can’t wait to see your Fall line and get my kids into some more Little Lang’s clothes!

*This post falls under my link/reviews disclaimers and I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post.  I just wanted to share about my friend’s awesome business!

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