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Over the past few years I’ve spent lots of time in Photoshop editing pictures and designing things for my kids.  When I had a friend ask me to design an invitation for her daughter’s birthday last summer I decided that maybe I should turn this hobby that I really enjoyed into something more.  And so I’m happy to announce that Tales of a Peanut has now branched into the paper business and has started a shop on Etsy!

I’ve spent the past year working on templates and ideas for my store.  I got serious at the beginning of the year and began working on my “brand board”.  Basically this board is just an idea of the feel that I want my shop to have and the colors and styles that I’ll be using in things like headers, buttons, etc.  I get giddy every time I look at it and I hope it elicits the same feeling in you!

A few weeks ago I finally added some products to my Etsy store and am happily adding new products as often as I can.  I’ve got birthday invitations, gift tags, stationery, and favor tags.  I’m working on designs for name cards for couples and individuals as well as invitations for “grown-up” events and more stationery.  Just to give you an idea of what kinds of things we have here are some of my favorite products.

A few things that I love about these products are that I create them just for the buyer so they can be customized in any way.  I’ve got a set of standard colors that I offer but I can do others if someone contacts me first for their own listing.  I can also change fonts and wording…basically anything that needs to be done!  I’m also able to do totally custom designs right now so if you’re looking for invitations or stationery that is just for you or your child, we can help you.

I also love that I’ve got lots of coordinating items in the shop.  For instance, here are the invitations that I just sent for Charlotte’s birthday party.  And I’ve also got note cards for thank you’s and favor tags for birthday favor’s, both that coordinate with the invitation!

Thanks for supporting this blog for so long!  This shop and the blog are two outlets that are keeping me sane (somewhat!) during these toddler years.  If you’re in need of custom paper items, please check out Tales of a Peanut on Etsy!

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