Toys for Summer Play

If you’re like me, your house is overflowing with plastic toys that break or get eaten by the dog all too regularly.  I have found that most of the time, well made, wooden toys keep my kids entertained far longer than average set of toys.  Which is why I was so excited to see that One Kings Lane has a sale today called The Toy Shop.  

Starting at 10 am CST on May 8th, The Toy Chest Sale from One Kings Lane, is featuring quality toys meant to inspire imagination and learning in our kids.  I’m especially interested in the Turtle Shape Sorter, it looks like it would be perfect to work on James’ hand/eye coordination and both of my kids are all about animals!

I’m thinking about getting rid of some of the least used toys that we have and replacing them with a few quality toys that will help them learn and get us thinking this summer!

And the beauty of shopping at One King’s Lane is that all of their products are up to 70% off of retail prices so you’re saving a lot!

You can find the Calendar of Events on their page which shows you which sales are upcoming and gives you a preview of the items in each sale.  Sales are only for a limited time (typically 3 days only) so check back often!

*This post falls under my link/review disclosures.  I am an affiliate with One King’s Lane.  To become an affiliate view their Affiliate Program FAQ’s.

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