Like everyone else in the world, I’ve spent the last week thinking about the Royal Family.  I have never been all about the Royal’s but I’d be lying if I didn’t daydream about meeting Prince William and falling in love when I was in middle school.  (Seriously, if someone says they didn’t, they ARE lying!)  I’ve loved watching William and Kate’s love story and I was disappointed when our power didn’t come back on from the tornado’s in time for me to watch their wedding on tv (yes, very small in the grander scheme, but still).

So when the news broke last week that Kate was in labor I did my best to balance my responsibilities as a mom to my kiddos with my desire to know about the new baby.  And I think it was then that I really started thinking about Kate as a person and not as a Duchess.  You know, having a baby is a universal experience and one that is going to be special and exciting and hard no matter who you are. As I’ve spent the last week keeping up with Prince George and his parents, I’ve thought about all that William and Kate must be going through.  And so, while I know that everyone wrote letters to Kate last week, I figured that I’d put some of my thoughts down today, on George’s 1 week birthday.


Today your little man is one week old.  If you’re anything like me, you’re going back and forth between emotions on all sides of the spectrum.  One second you’re staring down into his precious face wondering how you could ever love someone so much.  The next you’re desperately trying to cobble together ten minutes of sleep so that you won’t collapse from exhaustion.

I hope that you’re taking advantage of all the help you can get and relaxing on all of the “what you should do’s”.  I’ve heard over the past few years how “real” you are and how you still do your own grocery shopping and cook your own meals.  Which is all admirable and, yes, has contributed to all of us loving you even more for how down to earth you are.  

But know that right now you’ve got a free pass.  All of us Mama’s out here are living vicariously through you and we want, no, we NEED, you to let everyone who offers to help you help.  Let other people cook.  Let other people get the groceries.  Let other people rock Prince George when he won’t sleep so that you can sleep.  Not one Mama will think anything less of you for letting someone else pamper you right now.  You deserve it just like every new Mama deserves it, so relax and bask in the glory of letting someone else do it.  

And the advice that you’re getting?  It’s pretty much worthless.  What worked for me might not work for you.  What works for you might not have worked for us.  To swaddle or not to swaddle?  To co-sleep or not to co-sleep?  To schedule or not schedule?  To nurse or use formula? All those things don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.  You do what you and William need to do to survive.  

No one knows sweet George like you do and anything you choose to do or not to do is fine.  Your decisions are your decisions and they’re the best ones that you can make for you.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  You are doing a GREAT JOB no matter what you’re doing and George loves you and is going to be fine no matter what decisions you make.

I’ve been where you are.  Right now you’re not a Duchess and George isn’t the future King.  Right now you’re a Mama who has a new baby son who is her whole world.  Sit with him.  Rock him.  Kiss him.  Smell his new baby smell in the crease of his neck.  Relax with the weight of his body on your chest knowing that, right now, you are truly all he needs.  And then go take a break.  Read a book.  Call a friend and chat.  Sleep.  Do whatever you want to do and let someone else take care of George for a little while.  

I can’t imagine raising a child in the spotlight like you’re going to have to.  I’m sure there will be people questioning your decisions and your actions with George every day for the rest of your life.  But know that us, the Mommy’s out here in the world, we’re not judging.  We’re praying for you to do the best you can and we know that that’s enough.  

These tiny human beings that we’re entrusted with?  Sometimes we wonder what God was thinking letting us be their Mama’s.  But God knew exactly what he was doing.  You are the absolute best Mama for George that there is, no matter what.  And no matter what you do and what choices you make and what successes or mistakes you make, you will still be the best Mom for him.

We’re thinking and praying for you Kate.  Today and every day.  The job of being a Mama is tough, but it’s the best job out there.  

And, just throwing this out there, if you ever want to escape to Alabama and make some non-royal friends, just let me know.  We’ve got plenty of room for the three of you. 🙂

From one Mama to another, you’re doing great,

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