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Christmas Cards Should Reflect Your Family

As you can probably guess, since I’ve started a business that deals with paper, I love sending and receiving mail.  I start thinking about our Christmas card by July at least and am always thinking about what tone I want to present with them.  I don’t want to sugarcoat our family and make it seem like we’re perfect or we don’t have problems, because we definitely aren’t and we do, but I love my family and I want to share some of my favorite things about them with others.

Which is why I love sending cards with pictures on them.  And not just pictures of the kids, but pictures of our entire family.  It gives all of our family members updated pictures of the kids and our family and also lets me remind our friends and family how much we love them and are thinking of them.

I know that Christmas cards are extremely personal, which is why in my designs I strive to make them beautiful but also customizable.  In almost every design, every color can be changed.  Every font can be changed.  Any picture direction (i.e. horizontal or vertical) can be changed.  Wording can be changed.  And layout can be changed!  Basically, I would like for you to look at these layouts as examples for what I can do and use them to create a card that reflects your family.  (OR, if you can’t see something different you can use them as is!)

That’s a long-winded introduction to some of my favorite designs….

Brazil Collection Page Web


Christmas in Brazil

Ireland Collection Page Web

Christmas in Ireland

Italy Collection Page Web

Christmas in Italy

Switzerland Collection Page WebChristmas in Switzerland

I’ve got other designs and are still working on more.  I’m slowly but surely adding them to the shop.  Pricing starts at $42 for a set of 25 cards (printed front AND back) and envelopes.  We also have fun add-on’s that you could use to create a custom package.  The things like return address labels, gift enclosures, plates, ornaments for your tree with your card on them, and more will be coming to the shop soon and I’ll feature them closer to Christmas!

What’s most important to you when you order Christmas cards?  Are there any themes or designs that you’re really hoping to use for your cards that you don’t see here or in the shop?  I would love to create a card for you and/or your family so please tell me what you would like to see!

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