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I’m in full on panic mode trying to frantically get ready for my first “in person” show next week at our local art stroll.  So I’m working on new designs and putting everything together for people to look through and order.  The good news is that I’ve got tons of new designs that I think look awesome.  The bad news is that any spare time that used to be spent blogging is now being spent trying to get ready for this.  Plus Jason and I went to the beach last weekend and I’m getting a sister-in-law this weekend when Jason’s brother gets married!

So, all that to say, if you are missing me I post pictures and updates fairly regularly on my Twitter and Instagram.  And there’s currently a giveaway going on through Friday on my Facebook page for our newest product that you can’t even buy yet…..10″ personalized melamine plates!  Don’t forget that you can find links to all of my various social media outlets and the shop over on my right hand sidebar.  Hope to be back with real posts soon!

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