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Keeping Your Pre-Schooler Entertained – Kiwi Crate Review

Some days it’s like I’m SuperMom.  I’ve got activities planned.  I’ve got dinner made.  The laundry is clean.  The sink is empty.  And I’m full of energy to come up with new and exciting things for my kids to do (and learn while they’re doing it!).  And then….there are the other days, which, honestly, is most of them.  On those days I’m struggling to come up with something to do without sticking my kids in front of the tv all day or making them fend for themselves.  Those things are good in small(ish) doses but when that’s all I can offer all day, I begin to feel discouraged about my mothering abilities.

Enter…Kiwi Crate, one of my newest and most favorite finds!

At the beginning of the summer I was sent a crate to review and Charlotte received one for her birthday.  So one day this summer, when I was stretched for activities I pulled out the Kiwi Crate box and was overjoyed to find everything I needed within the box along with great instructions!

2013 05 29_0718 Web

First, we tried the “Busy with Bugs” crate which included materials to create your own firefly as well as make a bug sponge painting.  I was happy to see that each activity had an information sheet (shown below with the dolls) that gave an estimation on time it takes to complete, as well as parent interaction required.

2013 06 10_0725_edited-1 Web

The tiny sponges that you soaked in water to grow into big sponges made this activity even more exciting for Charlotte.  She had a blast creating her bug painting!

2013 06 09_0745_edited-1 Web

And if you can’t tell that she was excited making her firefly then you are missing something!  Just look at her face when we made her bug “fly” using the zipline that was provided!

2013 06 09_0763_edited-1 Web


We also spent some time making paper dolls and a fairy wand with the crate that Charlotte received for her birthday!  She is still (months later!) playing with her wand and her dolls!

2013 06 07_0448 Web

2013 06 07_0491 Web


We loved our Kiwi Crate’s and are happy to share them with you.  And if you decide to join Kiwi Crate (it’s a monthly service that you can buy a pre-set number of months at a time or purchase monthly) in the next two days you can save with their Back to School special!  Your child will start their subscription with September’s crate on Modern Art!


I’m thinking that this might be a perfect gift for Charlotte this Christmas!  If you’re not ready to make the decision to purchase a monthly subscription, why don’t you check out their FREE printables!  You can also purchase crate’s one at a time and they have a Celebration shop that has mini-crates, party favors, and travel crate’s!

What do you think about monthly subscription services like this?  Do you have any experiences with Kiwi Crate that you’d like to share?

*The “Busy with Bugs” crate was provided free for review to the site.  And there are affiliate links used in this post to support the site.  All opinions are my own and use of affiliate links does not increase your price in any way, it just helps to support Tales of a Peanut.  Check out my links/review disclosure page for more information.


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