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Sneak Peek

Last week we had a family photo session with our friend Mrs. Erin.  Charlotte wouldn’t quit talking the entire time, but James was comfortable in his sweet spot of making us all sweat trying to get a smile.  Typically he hasn’t wanted to be put down in previous sessions, but in this one he didn’t want to be picked up….or go inside.  Thankfully Mrs. Erin always has tricks up her sleeve and we weren’t above bribing with marshmallows!  And it sure worked because Mrs. Erin got these stunners….can’t wait to see the rest in a few weeks!

All photo’s are copyright by Erin Cobb and used with her permission.  You can see her blog post with these pictures here.

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    Stacy Edwards
    August 6, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Those are fabulous! What a beautiful family you have!

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