Product Review – PlaySkool ShowCam

Today, I’m teaming up with BzzAgent to tell you about the new Playskool Showcam!  I received a Showcam camera for free to review and I want to share my honest opinions about it!

Showcam Front

Let’s start with some basics.  The Playskool Showcam is a digital camera for kids ages 3-7 (although James is out of his mind trying to get his hand-me-down camera to do what this one can do!).  It has big buttons that are kid friendly and was very easy for Charlotte to figure out.  And the neatest feature….with the flip of the green switch on the front of the camera, it turns into a projector that projects the photo’s (and funny graphics!) onto the wall!

Almost as soon as we unpacked the camera, Charlotte turned into a photographer extraordionaire and was taking pictures of everything that she could get to stand still!

Showcam Showing off Jealous Brother

Showcam Pictures of Daddy

Showcam Charlotte showing off

With just a little help she mastered the ability to switch the camera into a projector.  And she also figured out how to add graphics to the pictures.  You can see some examples of some of the graphics in the pictures below (like Charlotte’s cat face and my crazy hair!).

Showcam on back of chair

Showcam on dark wall


Projected onto a very dark wall.

Showcam on Light wall

Projected onto a very bright wall.

Showcam on medium wallProjected onto a medium wall.

Overall we have been so happy with the Playskool Showcam!  Charlotte loves it and James grabs it as often as he can.  It’s been very easy for them both to work and we love the projector feature as well as the graphics.  You can be as silly as you want with the camera which is perfect for our kids!

A few downsides, as you can see in the pictures above it’s got to be pretty dark in order to get a good projected image.  The camera also doesn’t have a flash so the picture quality in less than super sunny light isn’t the best — but for a four year old, it’s perfect!  We haven’t transferred any pictures to the computer (you need your own USB cord to do that) but I’ve read that the silly graphics don’t transfer to the computer so that’s a bummer too.  But since Charlotte is never on the computer and she just looks at the pictures on the camera it hasn’t stopped her yet!

We would definitely recommend this as a Christmas or Birthday gift for a pre-schooler or early elementary age kid!  I’ve even got a $10 off coupon for you! Have you seen the camera? Tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

*The product featured in this post was provided for free by BzzAgent for my review.  However, all opinions and photo’s are my own honest opinions.  Please view my link/review disclosures for more information.  There are also affiliate links in this post.

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