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Zulily New Mom Must-Have’s

I’m partnering with Zulily again today to share some things that I love from their “Welcome Baby” sales.  As some of you know, Jason and I were pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago to find that we will be having another baby in our family.  We had been trusting God to add to our family if he saw fit and it appears that he did!  So, as hard as it is for me to believe, I’m thinking about some of these things again.  A lot has changed since we first purchased our baby must have’s five years ago!


My first find from this sale is the Owl Babies board book and soft toy.  My parents have this book and Charlotte read it a lot when we were living with them.  When we told her that she could “name” the new baby until he/she got their “forever name” she thought for about 14 hours and then chose “Percy” which she said was from this book.  So I’d love to have this for the new baby’s nursery!


Charlotte never grew that attached to a blanket, but James has one that he sleeps with every day and night.  This chevron gray and blue blanket would be beautiful for a boy or a girl.  It looks so soft and blankets this size tend to be perfect for strollers or for laying over them in bed once they turn one.



I’m determined to get this child to take a passy and these passy holders would be great for it.  Charlotte took a passy when she was little but I took it away right around when I weaned her and she went to sucking her thumb (disaster!).  James never would get the hang of a passy and is an even bigger thumb sucker than Charlotte.  I want this baby to take a passy so that I can take it away and avoid the whole thumb thing if at all possible!

zud2795415_img2057505_main_1379372823And every new Mama deserves to feel at least halfway cute in the hospital after delivery and these nursing pj’s would be perfect for that. Cute and soft with a ruffled hem, don’t ever underestimate the ability of a new, cute set of pj’s to up the emotional stability of a new Mom.

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