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Personalizing Wooden Initials


Painted Wood Monogram

Wooden initials are all the rage right now.  You can find them in home stores around town or online.  (My favorite place to purchase them is from Mint Julep Monograms because I know the owner and know that she’s awesome.)  I purchased Charlotte’s monogram last fall and finally, on her birthday, we got around to making them special for her.  I started out by painting them with leftover Collonade Gray that we had on hand in our garage.  I then let Charlotte pick out some glitter so that we could make them special.  She, of course, chose purple!

Needed MaterialsMod Podge in Bowl

I first covered a bowl with aluminum foil.  I didn’t have any disposable bowls and figured that this would make it easy to roll up into a ball and toss when we were finished.  (I do this with grease when cooking also.)  It worked perfectly.  I poured some mod podge into the foil.

Glitter in Mod Podge

I then let Charlotte dictate how much glitter to mix into the mod podge.  We ended up using maybe about a fourth of the glitter container.  It was a very fine glitter and so took a lot.  If I do this again and am looking for sparkles I will probably go for a larger grain of glitter so that it shows up better.

Charlotte Painting Initials

Charlotte and I then set to work painting.  We used some foam sponge brushes that we had in the house and set the monogram on half of Easter eggs to keep it from sticking to the desk.  This is our craft desk so I wasn’t worried about the mess on the table, but if you want to protect yours you will need to put wax paper or newspaper down to protect your surface.  We just painted the glitter/mod podge on fairly thickly and tried to cover all of the surfaces.

Close Up of Initials

Close up of the painted initials when they were still wet.

Drying initials

As the initials were drying.  It’s hard to see the glitter since it’s so fine but it is there and does reflect in person when the light is bright.

In room

After the initials dried we used a few strategically placed nails to hang them on her wall.  She loves them and especially loves that she got to pick out the accents and help paint them!

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