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Hanging the First Ornament

We have a tradition in our family to take pictures of the first ornament hung on our trees.  And we always hang the ornament of our Christmas card picture from the year before first.  This year we just took pictures of the kiddo’s hanging it (and not very good ones at that) but I’m glad to continue the tradition!

Hanging First Ornaments_2013 11 10_0286 bw

Hanging First Ornaments_2013 11 10_0289_edited-1


I’m not 100% sure what James is doing in the picture but if I could hazard a guess, it would be that he’s roaring like a baby dinosaur.  That’s his thing these days and he does it constantly.  At least his sister likes roaring back to him and they think it’s fun.  Whatever keeps them entertained!

You can see the hanging of the first ornaments from past years here: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

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