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Christmas in Dixie

Now that we’re safely ensconced in 2014, let’s look back at our Christmas!  Honestly, December was kind of rough for me.  We went to Disney the first week (I promise, posts are coming!) and then we were hosting a huge Christmas party at our home.  I was prepared for the prep and had most everything done before we left for Florida, but Jason had to go out of town for work during the week between Disney and the party and apparently the stress just got to be too much for me and I developed a yucky sinus infection.  It hung around until right after Christmas so I feel like I spent most of the time in a fog since I didn’t feel great and couldn’t really take anything, but I did try my hardest to enjoy the season and I’m glad to say that my memories of it are great!

We started out by visiting Jason’s parents on Sunday after church.  We spent the entire day over there and it was so nice to get to see everyone for a long stretch of time.  The kids had a blast and we enjoyed visiting!

Kay and David_2013 12 22_0001_edited-1

Kay and David_2013 12 22_0010_edited-1



Our next Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Eve morning with my family.  There were lots of squeals and lots of questionable hits of the baseball once James unwrapped his new bat and ball (and not by James!).  We had a great time celebrating the season with my family!

Mom and Dad_2013 12 24_0038_edited-1

Mom and Dad_2013 12 24_0020_edited-1


We spent Christmas Eve with my Dad’s family.  Charlotte joined everyone for the Christmas Eve service at my grandparents church and then Jason, James, and I joined them at my grandparents after James’ nap.  I didn’t get any pictures but Charlotte thought she was so grown up since she got to go to church and hang out with the big girls.  She got some big sister to another sister advice from Meredith and Maggie and we all had a fun night.  Then it was home to get ready for Santa!  This is James and Charlotte posing in front of their cookies for Santa!


We woke up Christmas morning and were happy to see that Santa had come!  Neither of the kids really knew what to expect on Christmas morning and so they were a little overwhelmed but quickly dove in to examining their presents.  Charlotte was overjoyed that Santa came through with her last minute list addition of a reindeer (even if he didn’t have the requested harness) and James still can’t get over his choo-choo track!  Charlotte also loved her Donkey that she had requested.  Why a donkey you ask? Because there was one in the nativity, of course! 🙂

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0001_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0030_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0041_edited-1

After we opened presents Daddy regaled Charlotte with some awesome puppetry skills and I grabbed pictures with my little ones.

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0060_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0066_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0068_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0073_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0076_edited-1

Christmas Morning_2013 12 25_0080_edited-1


Both of our parents stopped by to see what Santa brought on Christmas morning and then we headed to my parents for more Christmas festivities with my Mom’s family.  I think the excitement of Christmas might have finally gotten to be too much for Charlotte though based on this picture….


We are so blessed to have such wonderful families and enjoyed seeing those that we got to see over the Christmas holiday’s.  We’re still trying to make it see everyone but are thankful for those who have done so much for us and have set such a firm foundation for us to stand firm on.  We hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours!


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