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Disney with Toddlers – Planning the Trip

Disney With Toddlers

Let’s talk a little bit today about how we planned our trip.  I had started a Pinterest board for our trip long before we got to actually planning it and it was helpful with lots of tips and advice.  But I still found myself very overwhelmed when I would try and compare hotels and locations and everything else on the Disney site.  So it was with great relief that my aunt told me about Missy Logan at Mickey Adventures who helped them plan their trip.

I contacted Missy and gave her the basics for our trip — when we wanted to go, what we were looking for, etc — and she quickly started moving on our trip after that.  She gave us various hotel options and explained differences in a way that only someone familiar with the property’s can.  We contacted Missy at the beginning of April to start planning our trip but didn’t make the hotel reservations until almost mid-May.  (To put this into month perspective, we got in touch with her 8 months before our trip and booked it 7 months before our trip.)  She helped us settle on the Animal Kingdom Jambo House which we are so thankful for.  More to come on the hotel later, but it was a great decision!

Once we booked our reservation, Missy was on top of everything else for us.  You need to book dining reservations 180 days out (six months) so on June 1 she emailed me requesting our dining preferences.  I would recommend that you look at and make these decisions BEFORE that 180 day period because I’m guessing that our delay in a few days of deciding is what caused us to have some later lunch and dinner times than we would have preferred.  Make sure and specify what times you would like to eat as well as where just to give them more help!

Missy also was sending us information on Disney all the time between when we booked our trip and when we left.  She sent tip sheets and information about services.  She even sent us a recommended schedule of what days to do what parks based on the estimated attendance each day.  She also continuously checked for specials and deals that Disney was introducing that might could reduce our package price!

I know that you can do the planning yourself, but I don’t really see why you would when there are agents like Missy out there who can get you all the insider deals and information.  And you don’t pay Missy or Mickey Adventures anything for their services!  It’s amazing!  I won’t plan a Disney trip without using Missy’s help because all of the behind the scenes knowledge and help that she provided was invaluable!

Note: I was in no way compensated or even asked to write this post.  Missy provides this kind of service to everyone and all opinions and views are my own.  Please see my link/review disclosures for more information.

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