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Way back in 2008, I shared about my Mom’s Birthday Club and the Christmas party that they had that year.  I don’t think we’ve been able to make a gathering since then so we were excited that were were going to be able to join in the fun this year.  The party was at the roller skating rink in my hometown and Charlotte was very excited about going to a place called the “Skate Castle”.  I’m not sure that it lived up to her expectations since in the past month she had seen Cinderella’s castle, but she still thought it was neat.



Charlotte tried to skate but got frustrated very quickly.  James was a big fan of the roller racer’s after Memma took him around on her lap for a while.  And after seeing James enjoying it Charlotte was quick to join in the fun!  They have also added a blow up area and a big play area that Charlotte enjoyed.

I most enjoyed seeing the people that I’ve known for my whole life and their families.  It’s hard to believe that eight couples started this group but they did!  I don’t even know how many “kids” there are now but I know that this picture is missing a lot of them and there are two unborn babies in that picture too!

Birthday Club_2013 12 26_0004_edited-1

When I edited my pictures I thought I’d see what pictures I had on the computer from prior Birthday Club events.


Three families of kids at the beach – 1985

1986 1st Christmas

Five families of kids – 1986


Seven families of kids – 1987

1992 Christmas

Birthday Club Christmas – 1992 – Same Skate Castle as this year’s party


1998 Christmas


2002 Christmas

BDay Club 12-21-08 2

2008 Christmas

And you know those friends that you’ve known your whole life?  These two definitely make that cut.  I spent lots of time growing up with Catherine and Carolyn and am loving getting to see their beautiful girls grow up.  It was fun to get to see them again!

1995 CK CA JG


1998 CA JG CK BW


Birthday Club_2013 12 26_0018_edited-1


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