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Our trip to the North Pole

In continuing our Christmas look back, the week before Christmas we made our annual trek to Santa’s Village.  Charlotte is possibly a little confused about geography now since she clearly knows where Santa’s Village is located in our city but also thinks that it’s the North Pole.  But she can work on Santa’s exact location when she gets older, we were just glad to be able to find time to get to Santa’s Village and also glad that Mom, Dad, and Charlie could join us.  In actuality, Charlie could have taken Charlotte and James by himself for all the attention they paid us, but that’s what Uncle’s are for!

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0001_edited-1

Even though we got there as it opened, there was a line for tickets and by the time we made it inside there was a big line to see Santa.  We ended up waiting about 20 minutes but it’s worth it to see the big guy.  James had been talking a big game that he couldn’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap but he bailed once he saw Santa.  Charlotte had no qualms though and jumped right on up there!

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0006_edited-1

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0010_edited-1

Charlotte’s Christmas list was (1) a purple dress for Felicity, (2) a donkey, and (3) surprises.  Thankfully, Santa came through on all of those and even let some other family members provide some of those gifts!

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0012_edited-1

The closest that James got to Santa was waving bye to him from across the room.  But he has had a clear Christmas list in his head since October.  His Christmas list was (1) a choo choo track, (2) a James train, and (3) a lego puppy.  Santa came through on those too!

It was cold when we went to Santa’s Village (although not as cold as it is right now!) and so we didn’t stay for too long but we did manage to see the regular sites.  Charlotte requested a picture in front of the penguins and they both loved seeing the real live reindeer, even if Rudolph couldn’t make it!

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0027_edited-1

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0014_edited-1

Santas Village_2013 12 17_0031_edited-1

We headed to dinner after Santa’s Village and topped off a fun night with a delicious meal.  If you’re anywhere in the area you should definitely head to Santa’s Village next year, it’s a blast!

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