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Snow Day!

Two weeks ago our area was given the gift of snow.  It seems that in the deep south where we live, the birth of our daughter started an advent of at least one snow every winter.  It’s now at the point where she thinks that we definitely get snow every winter which, in my lifetime experience, is far from the case but so far has played out in her life (see these posts for evidence).  I was glad that the weather cooperated to get her her snow experience this year although I fear the winter when no snow appears!

On Tuesday, we got a couple inches which was enough to coat everything in snow but not enough to cause problems with the kids playing in it.  After breakfast we bundled up in as applicable of clothes as we could.  Jason and I had ski pants and big jackets (although mine wouldn’t zip over Hadley) but we had to piece together clothes for the kids.  Snow suits seem like such a waste each year because I’m sure we won’t get snow again and then we do and I’m wishing I had bought them!  The kids didn’t mind though and were excited to get out!



Catching snowflakes


Pelting Daddy with snowballs — I think this was their favorite activity!



We tried to build a snowman (Charlotte’s biggest goal through the snow was to build an Olaf) but couldn’t get the snow to pack.  I’m not sure what we were doing wrong but we just couldn’t master it.  So after a little playing we decided to walk down to Memma and Papa’s and see if they wanted to go sledding with us.




We decided to sled down the hill across the street from their house.  It was very small without a steep grade so we thought it would be perfect for the kids.  It couldn’t have worked out better!  They loved every second of it!




James continued to throw snowballs (really handfuls of snow) while Charlotte did more sledding by herself.  James went down by himself too but not as much as Charlotte did.




The biggest downside to having no snow gear was that the kids only had wool gloves which immediately got covered with snow and made their hands very very cold.  After a little while we decided to go inside and warm up.  Other than walking back to our house for naps that was the extent of our snow play on Tuesday.  It was predicted that it would snow even more on Wednesday but we waited all day and only got some sleet and rain until around 3 pm when the snow started to fall.  It continued to fall all night and we ended up with around 8 inches on Thursday morning!

Jason had a conference call that he had to call in to on Thursday morning and we knew that the snow would melt fairly quickly so we got the kids up early (around 7 am) to go play in the snow.  In hindsight, this wasn’t the best idea because they were tired and not as in to it, but it really was the only chance that we saw to play in it so we did what we could.  Our goal was to build an Olaf, but we still had a hard time getting it to pack.  We ended up just packing it into a bucket and making a bucket snowman.  Thankfully, the kids thought that was good enough!



Without proper snow gear for the kids, this much snow was just not very much fun.  James could barely walk in it since it was about to his knees (the picture above is after we had cleared a large area for our snowman).  And it got in both of their shoes really quickly which froze their toes.  Jason hurt his back pulling the kids around in the sled on Tuesday and had that meeting and I was over the snow by that point so we didn’t stay out for long, but the kids had fun building a “snowman” and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery that the snow created!


I’m checking out snow suit sales on Zulily these days because I don’t want to be this unprepared again.  I figure if I buy neutral colors at least one kid should get wear out of it over the next handful of years! We really did have fun and enjoyed the snow, although I think we’ve all got spring fever now, especially since we had temps in the 70s this weekend and spent both afternoons playing outside.  We’re back to cooler temps this week but we hope that spring is quick to come!

I thought some of you might enjoy the videos of the kids playing….they are hilarious!

Snow Feb 2014 from Talesofa Peanut on Vimeo.

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