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The beginning of birthday season

Jason’s birthday usually kicks off a months long stretch of birthday’s in our family.  In March, April, May, and June we celebrate eight birthday’s in our immediate family (including Hadleys impending arrival).  This year is a big one for me but Jason’s birthday kicked in another six weeks of being two years younger than him which was especially crucial this year due to my impending birthday!

I started talking about a gift for Jason a few weeks ago with the kids and one day Charlotte came up to me and told me that she wanted to get Daddy a running shirt (this was not an idea that I had tossed around).  She is so sweet and had really thought about what she wanted to get him so I made sure that we could fulfill her request.  She, of course, picked out a purple one for him.  🙂

Jason had also requested the new Braves hat that has come out and even though I had to go to the mall to get it we also managed to come through with it.  As a funny note, a few days before his birthday I was working in my closet organizing it and the kids saw Jason’s baseball hat collection and Charlotte held up a hat and asked if it was his Braves hat.  I said yes and she said, “Huh, it doesn’t look old…” as if he could only replace an old hat and not just ask for one with a new design!

Charlotte traveled to Tuscaloosa for a special big kid trip the day before Jason’s birthday so to keep James occupied I decided to go ahead and make Jason’s cake.  James chose the bundt pan and despite the fact that I generously oiled it, the cake turned out like this:



Jason and I were both just glad that Charlotte wasn’t at home because while James didn’t care what the cake looked like since I taught him how to lick the beater of icing, Charlotte would have been devastated that Daddy’s cake didn’t turn out right.  That night we ran out and bought more cake mix so that we could remake the cake on his actual birthday with Charlotte and I turned this disaster into some really  yummy cake balls!


Charlotte was so excited to give Jason his presents that it was one of the first things we did after nap.  She and James were both so proud of their gifts and loved showering Daddy for his birthday.  We even made another cake and it turned out perfectly so they got to end their day with cake.

We are so thankful for Jason and all that he does for us.  He is a wonderful husband and father and we are so blessed to be in his family.  We love you!

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