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Baby’s for my Babies

Before Charlotte was born I heard about a company that made custom soft dolls for little girls.  The company was called Baby Be Blessed and not only could you customize the doll’s skin tone and hair color but you could get a patch sewn onto the doll’s stomach with your child’s name and a Bible verse that you chose just for them.  We ordered one for Charlotte and I loved the thought that we gave her her first baby doll.

So when we found out that we had another little girl on the way I wanted to get her her very own baby doll.  The only problem was that, at the time, the shopping area of Baby Be Blessed was closed because they were behind on orders!  Each doll is handmade by stay at home Mom’s so, understandably, they can get overcome with orders.  But I really wanted a doll for Hadley so I started following Baby Be Blessed on their Facebook, Twitter, and on their blog.  I was so excited when they put out the information that they had openings for 15 dolls for delivery by Easter!  I quickly rushed to the website and designed a doll for Hadley!  I was also blown away to see that not only were they making dolls but they were also making animals!  Even now, I don’t want James to feel left out being the only boy and I knew that his very own stuffed animal might very well be the perfect thing for him.

When the doll’s arrived you would have thought it was Christmas at our house.  So as not to leave anyone out, I ordered matching dresses for Charlotte’s doll and Hadley’s doll.  They were so happy and now can’t wait to introduce Hadley to her very first baby doll!

Baby Be Blessed Lion

James’ smile rarely goes away when he talks about his lion, JR.  For a few days he carried him with him wherever he went but now JR’s relegated to the bed but he sleeps right next to James every night.  I love that James has a special animal with his name on his tummy and a Bible verse picked out just for him!

Baby Be Blessed Dress

Charlotte has never been really into baby dolls but she has grown more interested in them over the last year, I’m guessing in preparation for her little sister.  She had to search in her room for her doll to be able to dress her but now her doll, Lee, is sleeping next to her in her bed!

Baby Be Blessed HGEBaby Be Blessed Scripture Patch

Hadley’s doll, which we’re calling Grace due to the naming convention of the other two dolls, is very similar to Charlotte’s just with different pigtails.  I can’t wait to get a picture of Charlotte, Hadley, Lee, and Grace all together.

I pray that all three of our children will treasure their dolls and know that we designed them just for them and chose a special verse just for them as well!

*Note: Baby Be Blessed has no idea who I am and I was not given anything to write this post.  I truly love this company and their dolls and mostly want to share the story behind them with my kids but also share them with others because I think they are such a special keepsake for kids.  You can view my link/review disclosures for more of my review policies.




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