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Back in November, Courtney DeFeo hosted a series on her blog called #SHOPWISER giving everyone options of how they could shop for Christmas in a wiser way.  And some of the items that she was featuring included giveaways.  I loved the concept and found a lot of Christmas gifts this way.  I also, of course, entered for all of the giveaways.

(FYI, I typically enter for giveaways even if I don’t need something because number of entries on giveaways are a big indicator for others who might do giveaways in the future and I want to support the bloggers and those giving away items.  Just my two cents, but if possible, enter for giveaways even if you personally couldn’t use something.  You can always donate it to someone who can if you win or let the blogger know to draw another winner.)

I was SO EXCITED when Courtney let me know that I had won a personalized book by Marianne Richmond!  I had purchased “If I Could Keep You Little” when Charlotte was younger and she loves it still so I thought it would be neat to start our new baby’s book collection with a personalized book that was all theirs.  At the time we didn’t know what we were having yet, but they let me wait to order the book until we found out that Hadley was coming and picked out her name.

Hadley’s book came ages ago and I’ve been meaning to share with you about it but am just doing so now because we’ve been putting the final touches on her room and I remembered to photograph it.  I love reading it with Hadley’s name in it.  Her name isn’t on every page but it’s on a lot of them, including my favorite page that makes me smile since both of my kids have picked out their own clothes since they were about 18 months old.


You can even write a little dedication and insert a picture at the front of the book.  We didn’t do the picture since we don’t have one of Hadley yet but I loved getting to write a dedication to her before she was even born!



Put Me in the Story has lots of books available for personalization by lots of authors, but I love Marianne’s especially because they are filled with beautiful hand drawn art and say the things that I want my kids to remember me saying to them.

Thanks Courtney for helping me start Hadley’s library collection off with a book that’s just for her and not one handed down by her siblings!

**I was given this book for free as part of a giveaway but a review and links were not required or requested as part of this giveaway.  None of these links are affiliate links and I don’t get anything for sharing this with you or if you purchase a book.  Please see my link/review disclosures for more information.


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  1. […] bookcase is pretty bare right now but it does have Hadley’s personalized book as well as a copy of Owl Babies which is where Charlotte came up with the “Percy” name […]

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