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Friday Peanuts – The End of Pregnancy Edition

Friday Peanuts


So I’m sitting here after having my last doctor’s appointment before my scheduled c-section next Friday and this morning my doctor told me that she thinks I might go into labor.  At this point I’m basically frozen in a state of panic while I try and figure out all that absolutely has to be done before we go to the hospital while trying not to do too much to put myself into labor.  What a feeling!

In an effort to try and calm myself down I thought I’d share all the random things that are going on around here.  I’d try to make this more than a list but at 39 weeks I think that’s asking a little much, don’t you?

1. You know that dream where even though you’ve been out of college for years you wake up panicked because you overslept your final?  I’m currently having it where I oversleep my c-section.  Not fun to wake up to that kind of panic or to think that I might have to go even longer than planned in this pregnancy!

2. I got a wonderful surprise this week when I opened up my Spring 2014 edition of Stationery Trends magazine.  I was elated to spy the Bright Happy Day cards from my shop featured as one of the “Fresh Picks”!

stationery trends

3. Charlotte had a wonderful birthday party last Sunday, despite the rain.  It was originally scheduled to be held outdoors at our local Botanical Gardens but because of storms we had to move it to our house.  She and her friends still had a blast at our “Frozen” themed party.  I had hoped to share pictures before Hadley’s birth but I’m thinking I might not get around to it.  If not, they’ll be on here eventually!

4. This was me at 38 weeks after Charlotte’s party.  I am carrying Hadley so differently than I did with the other two.  Maybe it’s a result of running after the other two during the pregnancy??!? Who knows.  All I know is I’m ready to meet this little girl!


5. Any advice about coming home with more than two kids?? I’m not ashamed to admit that I am terrified about the prospect of being in charge of three kids during the day by myself.  Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

6. We had really bad tornado’s early this week that were reminiscent of the April 27th tornados three years ago.  A swimmer on the Alabama swim team died saving his girlfriend from a retaining wall as it collapsed due to flooding.  I’m very thankful that they never got close enough to us this time for us to have to go into our safe place.  Please join me in praying for all of those who lost family and friends and their homes and businesses.  As we’ve seen over the last three years, tornados leave incredible scars and take a very long time to rebuild and recover from.

Ok, I might have calmed myself down to a low frenzy instead of an insane one.  Back to trying to pack our bags for the hospital and make sure we have clean clothes! Happy weekend!

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    What a surprise! | Tales Of A Peanut
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    […] was over the moon excited when my Happy Day cards got featured in Stationery Trends but it’s mostly a trade magazine and I submitted for it so to have […]

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