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Throw Back Thursday

Anticipating a lack of time to do much posting once Hadley arrives, I’ve scheduled a number of these Throw Back Thursday’s to post for the foreseeable future.  I hope you’re enjoying seeing and hearing some stories from the past as much as I’m enjoying sharing them!

3-87 Jenn and Char

In keeping with the new baby theme, here’s a picture from right after Charlie was born in March of 1987.  I was weeks away from turning three and look like a pretty proud Big Sister in this picture.  Although, if you believe everything you hear, I wasn’t too keen on sharing the spotlight with a little brother on his birth day and kept asking to be taken to get slushies at the gas station across the street finally succumbing to them and getting very sick.  Welcome to the world little brother!

It is hard to believe that Charlie’s lived across the country for two months now.  We still miss him like crazy but are praying for God to direct his steps and keep him safe while he’s out there on the West Coast.  I am thankful for all that he taught me growing up and, if I had to be the Big Sister to anyone, I’m glad that I’m his Big Sister!


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