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A Snowy Spring Day – Frozen Birthday Party Crafts

We had planned Charlotte’s birthday party to be held at the local botanical garden so I just had a few crafts ready for the girls to do before playing.  But due to our change in venue due to the rain, we added other crafts to keep the girls occupied.  I’m glad that we ended up doing it at our house, otherwise there wouldn’t have been time to do the crafts that Charlotte had picked out plus played in the garden!

Place Setting - Detail

When the girls arrived they had printed Frozen coloring pages and crayons at their seat.  They colored while we waited on everyone to arrive.  Their seat also had a bottle of water and a party straw and the supplies for our next craft (ice bracelets) were also set out.

After everyone arrived we started to create Ice Bracelets!

web Tales of a Peanut - Ice Bracelets_2014 06 11_0011 copy

To create the ice bracelets, I purchased Sparkle elastic and faux clear and blue beads at Hobby Lobby.


I cut a piece of elastic about 15″ long and placed a piece of masking tape on the end of it to hold the beads on while the girls were stringing their bracelets.  I then stuck this piece of elastic and an assortment of beads in a small plastic cup at each place as well as placed extra beads around the table.


After the girls strung their beads and we estimated their length I triple knotted the elastic per the instructions on the back and stuck a dot of glue on the knot after cutting the extra string.  The girls loved their fancy new bracelets!

Between crafts we cut the Elsa Cake and had our Snowman Snacks!

Elsa Cake

As the girls were finishing their snacks and cake, we started working on Queen crowns.  I ordered purple glitter crowns from It’s Twinkle Time.  The crowns came in two pieces and with jewels for the girls to adorn their crowns.  I added some sparkly glitter glue from Hobby Lobby and the girls started making their own crowns!


Crown Supplies

C's 5th Bday Party_2014 04 29_0007_edited-1


Note: Lots of ideas originally came from Paging Supermom and these are just my interpretations of them!

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    Shelia @ House of Highlands
    June 22, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Wow! What a special party! That cake is adorable. I have decorated Barbie cakes similar to this before – they are sooo much fun! You did a GREAT job with keeping the girls entertained!

    1. Reply
      June 25, 2014 at 10:23 am

      Thanks Shelia! I think they had fun!


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