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I realize that we’ve been in our home for over a year, but I never showed you the playroom.  And that was because it was a hodge podge of toys and stuff with no real rhyme or reason!  But with Hadley’s pending arrival, we had to move the Queen size bed out of her room and decided to organize the playroom into a guest room type area as well as a few other separate areas.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and how much easier it is to keep it looking decent with this setup!

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 6

Standing in the doorway looking right

We have this side of the room set up as the “play” side.  A couch that we inherited from my brother when he moved gives us a place to sit while we watch the kids play.  And my craft area is centered in the room under the window.

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 8

Standing in the doorway looking left

The left side of the room is, obviously, the “guest” side.  It has the bed that we moved out of Hadley’s room as well as nightstands and lamps.  It’s very basic but serves it’s purpose when we have guests (which is not very often).

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 3

Directly across from the bed and hidden by the door at the entrance to the room is a very old chest of drawers that we use to store out of season books, games, etc.  I added some trinkets, the lamp, and the artwork before Kelly came to visit to give it a more “finished” feel.  Surprisingly the color of the chest accents the painting above it even if the chest is, literally, falling apart!

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 5

Looking from the head of the bed onto the couch and play area.  The door behind the couch leads to one of two walk out attic spaces from the playroom which is where I’m storing all of the “stuff” that I couldn’t find places for in the newly rearranged room.  I had big plans to get that attic organized before Hadley arrived too but it didn’t happen.  Maybe one day!

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 2

The play alcove

I had plans to create a pillow top to go over the bookcases (a la this pin) but didn’t get to it.  I didn’t worry about the cushion because, to save money, we used ClosetMaid laminate stackers instead of the Ikea bookshelves originally mentioned.  We don’t have an Ikea nearby so this helped save on costs, but we scarified stability because the stackers aren’t super sturdy so I wouldn’t feel comfortable having lots of people sit on them.  They work perfectly though for storing all the random toys that we’ve got in the playroom in the ClosetMaid bins.

I did purchase two Ikea spice racks and painted them to hold books on the walls.  I would like to add more to the wall but realized that they would be hard to reach for my kids.  I’m not sure how to solve that problem but am not worrying about it now!

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 7

I love the way that this corner turned out.  We hung the name paintings that Kim Wheeler (Small Words Art) did for Charlotte and James when they were born.  After Hadley gets her big girl room we’ll move her painting to hang under James’.  And I got two wall planters to hold stuffed animals on the wall under the paintings.  The planters are not stable at all but they’re really light so it doesn’t matter if they come off the wall when the kids are trying to get an animal out.

Tales of a Peanut Playroom 4

My craft area and guest area

I did save some space in the playroom for me.  The large white desk is where I do most of my crafts and my sewing and embroidery machines are stored there too for when I need them.  I typically have my sewing machine set up on the brown desk but have it stored right now.

When Kelly was coming for my birthday we quickly purchased Bamboo shades for the windows to cut the light a little and provide privacy.  We found that these shades that we purchased from Lowe’s were able to be cut into the store to the custom size that we needed and were easy for Jason to install himself.  They don’t block a lot of light but they block some and, most importantly, provide privacy.

I am really pleased with the finish of this room.  I know that it will shift and change as the kids interests change over the years but, right now, it’s set up perfectly for their ages.  They love playing in it and I’m comfortable letting them run around in the big open space and expend some energy!

PS I wasn’t compensated in any way for anything mentioned here.  These are the real items that we purchased and used in the room.

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