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It can sometimes be difficult for me to read the same book over and over and over again to my kids. They seem to get fixated on a book and want to read it until it’s falling apart. I know that those who should know say that the repetition is good for their little brains and I’m so thankful for that. But when I’ve read the same book five times in a row five days in a row I need a break. I’ve got a Pinterest board for children’s books that I reference when I’m looking for new purchases. But in case you want the high notes for me today here are some of our current favorites. Some of these links are affiliate links and you can check out all the details in my link/review disclosure.

Favorite Books for Two Year Old Boys

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Goodnight Baseball by Michael Dahl

This rhyming book is perfect for little boys.  It has brightly colored pictures that keep him interested and mentions all of his favorite parts of a baseball game.  It’s one of James’ current favorites.

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Bigger Digger by Steve Webb

I got this through the school book order and it has become a repeat request from James and Charlotte.  The biggest downside? It’s very difficult to read because of all the tongue twisters! But that just makes it even more fun for the kids to see Mommy sound silly.

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What’s Wrong, Little Pookie? by Sandra Boynton

I have always been a big Sandra Boynton fan and have even mentioned her personalized books before.  This is one of James’ current favorites of hers although we read a different one every week or two.  They’re great at rhyming, short, and easy to read with fun subjects and illustrations.  Plus, they’re small board books so they’re perfect to stick in my purse or take in the care to keep him occupied while we’re out of the house.

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A Crack in the Track (Thomas & Friends)

James is all about Thomas and he loves the Thomas books that he has.  This just happens to be one that we have and read often, but he enjoys all of them.  They’re longer so your child needs to be interested to stay still during them but they’re good reading and a good compromise when he wants to watch Thomas and I don’t want him to watch tv.

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Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Char Char brought this book back from California and the kids are constantly looking through it.  It’s a hilarious story about how dragons love tacos but with one big caveat…they don’t like spicy salsa!  My one problem with this book is that it uses the word “hate” when describing that the dragons don’t love spicy salsa which I try and keep out of my kids vocabulary.  Not a big deal (and seems even less of one when I type it) but it’s something that I wish it didn’t have in it.

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Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

The Little Blue Truck books are big hits at our house.  They teach good morals (helping others, being friends, taking turns) and personify the truck to really draw a child in.  The rhymes are cute and the illustrations and interesting as well.

Favorite Books for Five Year Old Girls

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Frozen Little Golden Book

It shouldn’t surprise you that we own literally every Frozen book for 5-ish year olds that I’ve seen.  Charlotte’s birthday was a Frozen-palooza.  She loves looking through the various books but especially loves the Frozen Little Golden book since it goes through the whole story.  But, be forewarned, it’s long and she’ll want to read it every night!

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Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet by Jane O’Connor

Charlotte had gotten out of Fancy Nancy but it appears that she’s loving her again.  I love the beautiful, fun, and interesting illustrations in these books.  The stories themselves are also always compelling and teach a lesson.  This is one of Charlotte’s current favorites since she was a Mermaid for her dance recital this year, but they’re all wonderful.

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Young Frank, Architect by Frank Viva

This is another one that Charlie brought home from California as a surprise and I wasn’t sure that it was going to be a hit looking at the cover since it doesn’t scream “fun” with bright colors like most books the kids have do.  But she and James both like reading it and I think have learned a lot from it.  Honestly, James picks it at night almost as much as Charlotte.  I like what it teaches them about architecture and history and gets them thinking about how they can use everyday things (like cookies) to make buildings or chairs.

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Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

We only have a few Splat books but both kids love hearing about his antics.  He’s a funny little cat who seems to have some of the same worries and fears that all children do.

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Ladybug Girl at the Beach by David Soman

Like Fancy Nancy, Charlotte has recently re-picked up Ladybug Girl.  The illustrations are beautiful and I love the stories that are told.  This one especially is a favorite because it focuses on a fear of Charlottes, the ocean.  We’ll be reading it a lot in the run up to our beach trip this fall.


I also always love to add new books to our collection so let me know your favorites, especially those for early elementary age kids and early readers as those are the books that I’m most looking for right now!

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