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Getting So Big

It’s incredibly hard to believe that today is Hadley’s one month birthday!  Our little girl is growing so much and I can hardly remember a time without her in our family.  This month has had its growing pains as our family adjusted to being a family of five, but it’s also been an incredibly sweet time as we all have gotten the chance to love on our new little girl.

HGE 1 Month

Sweet Hadley girl,

You are a joy to our family and we are loving watching you grow!


Sleep has not been your forte this month, but I guess it’s not any newborn’s strong suit.  Right now you’re alternating between really good nights when you got 3.5 to 4 hours between feedings with you going straight back to sleep between them and nights when you barely go 3 hours and take almost an hour after feeding you to get you calmed down and back to sleep.  One glorious night you did go 5 hours and then 4 hours though so we know you can do it.

We think that the biggest problem with your sleep is that you’re having is a little bit of reflux.  You’re spitting up a good bit after every feeding and I think immediately  laying down again after night feedings is a good portion of why you sometimes have trouble falling immediately back to sleep.  You seem to do better when you’re in the swing, whether it’s the inclined position or the rocking I’m not sure, so right now you’re napping during the day in your pack and play and sleeping at night in the swing.  We are swaddling you just like we did your siblings but have found the pre made swaddles work better for you than wrapping you in blankets so we’re going that route.  You sleep really well during the day and most nights so we’re hoping we can build on that in the next few weeks.


You are a great eater!  From the start we haven’t had problems with nursing and you’ve even taken a couple bottles with no problems at all.  You’re nursing 8 times a day with your first feeding being at 6 or 6:30 and your last scheduled feeding around 8:30.  You are spitting up but it doesn’t seem to be hurting you (other than occasionally at night).  We have had issues with thrush over the past month which we also think might have also caused you to not sleep great at night.  But we are hopeful that we’ve finally gotten than taken care of.


For the most part you can sleep through your siblings rambunctiousness.  Which is good, because keeping them quiet is a losing battle.  We try to keep the loud crashes and screaming to a minimum while you’re asleep but that’s not always possible.  Thankfully I think you’re used to the noise from all the time in my tummy and so it doesn’t bother you that much.


It’s hard for me to judge how small you are these days because compared to the current sizes of your sister and brother you’re tiny.  You have outgrown two little Zutano newborn outfits that we have (one’s in the picture above) and are getting a little long for some of your newborn gowns but are still fitting into other newborn items that we have.  You’re also wearing 0-3 month clothes that don’t swallow you (like the outfit in your monthly picture).  You’re wearing size 1 disposable diapers but still newborn cloth.


You like your activity gym and seem to have noticed yourself in the mirror.  You especially like music, something that we discovered in the first few weeks when we would sit up with you.  You aren’t picky about the type of music but any music or singing soothes you.  When you start crying James will usually come up next to you and start singing either “Soft Kitty” or “Jesus Loves Hadley” which sometimes makes you stop crying.  We’re getting some peeks at smiles but nothing on demand yet.  And, amazingly enough, you’ve managed to roll yourself over from your tummy to your back a handful of times.  I know it’s just gravity and must be the way you like to keep your arms, but impressive nonetheless!


We had newborn pictures with Mrs. Erin this month.  You slept peacefully through the first portion with the whole family but once it was time for your close up’s you were wide awake.  Mrs. Erin had to work hard to get you back to sleep too!  But one of my favorites from the session was this one when you were awake.  Silly little girl!


You went to the pool for Sissy’s birthday although you slept through it in your stroller.  And then we took a walk there for lunch one day where you catnapped in your stroller.  Other than that we haven’t been out that much although we did go to Family Night last week and you did really well in your car seat during dinner.

You stayed with your first non-family baby sitter this month and were so good for Miss Meredith.  She even fed you two bottles while we were at Sissy’s showcase and you did great with them!

2014 06 04_0012_edited-1

You have grown so much in the past month and it is such a blessing to have you in our family.  I was extremely uncertain about how I was going to balance life with three children, but you’ve done your best to make it as easy as you could.  I have loved the times getting to snuggle with you and having you curl into a ball on my chest.  We love you so much and are so thankful that God blessed us with you!

I love you every second of every minute of every day!


Charlotte at one month

James at one month

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