Charlotte, Family, Hadley

Hadley meets the family

Once we arrived in our room it was time to let Hadley meet the family.  We started out by letting the person who had been not-so-patiently awaiting Hadley’s arrival…Big Sister Charlotte!

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0083_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0090_edited-1

Charlotte was so excited to finally get to hold Hadley.  She exclaimed over how beautiful she was and how little she was.  But I think being in the bed with me and being afraid that she was going to hurt me accidentally made her a little antsy so it was a short love fest.

Next up was Big Brother James!  He wanted to hold Hadley but wasn’t as taken with her and was quick to want down.  His big questions were asking “She have toes? She have hands?” since she was all wrapped up and he couldn’t see them!

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0099_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0103_edited-1

And then our first picture as a family of five!

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0112_edited-1

The grandparents got a chance to meet Hadley next.  And, as I’m sure you can expect, they were all totally wrapped around her finger the moment they saw her.

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0093_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0116_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0119_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0123_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0126_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0127_edited-1

After Charlotte and James went home for naps we had a few more visitors.  Unfortunately, I also had some serious bouts with nausea so we didn’t get to visit with all of them.  But by late afternoon our visitors started again and I was, thankfully, feeling better.  Seeing Gramme walk into my room very steadily and hold Hadley made me feel even better!

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0130_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0134_edited-1


The big kids came back to eat dinner with us and get some more snuggle time.

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0152_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0154_edited-1

HGE Birth_2014 05 09_0158_edited-1


And this picture cracks me up.  If you can’t tell, Hadley’s head is between both of their lips in this picture!



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