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Half a Decade…How is it Possible?

This is what happens when you have a third child, you’re so overwhelmed and tired that you don’t get your daughter’s 5th birthday post posted until weeks after the big day.  Charlotte, I promise that we celebrated and we love you so much! I’m sorry it took me a few weeks to recount what you’re up to at FIVE!


Charlotte Lee,

It seems like only yesterday that your Daddy placed you in my arms on the day that you were born.  You made me a Mommy and I will always be grateful to you for that.  Mothering you has been such a joy and it is impossible for me to believe that you are already five years old.  You are growing and learning each and every day and is it so sweet to get to share those days with you.  Your personality is blossoming as is your confidence but you’re not losing your kindness and gentle heart as you grow.  I pray for you every day sweet girl and know that God has great plans for you.  I can’t wait to watch his plan unfold every day of your life!

IMG_5867You were over the moon excited that you were going to get to celebrate your birthday actually in school thanks to the many snow days that we had this winter.  I was glad that I got to come and bring you and your friends donuts and spend a few minutes concentrating on you alone.  You had a great day at school and then we had a great birthday evening that night all celebrating you!


This year has been a big one for you regarding friends.  You have had to deal with some girl drama (which I can’t believe has already started) and have started getting your precious heart bruised a little by the things that others can say.  You are very sensitive to others feelings and have a hard time understanding why people can be mean to others.  It breaks my heart every time you come home and tell me something ugly that someone has said to you or that you’ve been left out.  You are so tender hearted and it’s been hard but good to watch you tackle situations as they come this year and learn from them.  In one particular instance it was bad enough that I wanted to talk to your teacher but you told me, “No, the kids need to handle it.  I’ll talk to her.”  You are growing up so fast but I’m thankful that you still have such a sweet heart and tender spirit.


You’ve always been opinionated about what you were going to wear and as you’re growing older that hasn’t changed.  Since you and James have been so good with Hadley’s addition to our family, one day Daddy took you to Target to pick out a surprise.  You chose this floral print Maxi dress and you look 12 when you wear it instead of 5!  You thankfully have outgrown your aversion to smocked dresses, at least when they’re dresses that Memma made me growing up.  But, for the most part, your wardrobe consists of lots of knit tops and leggings.  Although you have had a renewed love for ruffled leggings and a-line tops with fabric flowers on them which makes me happy.  Even though some days you might dress a little casual for my preference, I love seeing you develop your own sense of style.  Believe me girl, you’ve got style in spades!


You are such a big helper these days and have really embraced the notion of chores around the house.  Just yesterday you folded an entire load of Hadley’s clothes and burp cloths just because you wanted to help.  Folding the cloth napkins is always your job and you also love setting the table and helping me switch clothes from the washer to the dryer.  You often ask how you can help us which is so nice to hear.  Of course, you get tired of helping like any normal kid does but the fact that you’re willing to help and asking to help is wonderful!


You and your brother are the best of friends.  Daily you are playing together whether it’s trains, dinosaurs, princesses, or golf/hockey.  There are lots of times when you’re playing too crazy together (think rolling on top of each other on the bed) and we’ve got to separate you before one of you gets hurt.  But for the most part y’all play so well together.  I pray that you continue to be close as you get older.  Your brother loves you so much and you love him too.

IMG_5844And you are pretty fascinated with Hadley.  Last night you got upset though because she’s not growing fast enough for you (you’re ready to actually get to play with her) but you love holding her and talking to her.  You are the sweetest sister to both Hadley and James and I know that you’ll look after them as the years go on.


You have grown a lot this year academically and are very ready for kindergarten.  You’re great at writing and even wrote your own thank you notes from your birthday as I spelled the words for you.  You have started to read simple books (just a few) and are excited every time you recognize a word.  You enjoy doing worksheets and learning and have asked me to make worksheets for you to practice your letter sounds and math this summer.

C's 5th Bday Party_2014 04 27_0050_edited-1

And no post on you at 5 would be complete without mentioning Frozen.  Like every little girl, this year you fell in love with Disney’s newest movie.  James still calls you Elsa sometimes and everyone in our family has been assigned a character from the movie.  Your favorite color has changed from purple to “Elsa blue and Elsa green” and while you’ve stopped singing “Let It Go” constantly you are extremely excited about the Frozen dance camp that you’re going to in a few weeks!

CLE Preschool April 2014

Charlotte, watching you and your personality develop is one of the most fun things in my life.  You are bright and energetic.  You are kind and giving.  You are thoughtful and creative.  You are artistic and organized.  You are all that I ever imagined having a daughter would be and more.  You do have a temper and emotional outbursts and you vehemently dislike getting into trouble (which I hope you maintain throughout your life!) which causes some tense moments, but I am so thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy!

I love you sweet girl! Every second of every minute of every day!


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