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The rest of our hospital stay

With a c-section, my doctor likes you to stay a full three days after delivery.  I learned after pushing to leave the hospital after two days with James that she wants you to stay that long for a reason.  So, even though I was going stir crazy and couldn’t wait to get home, we settled in and conceded that we would stay in the hospital until Monday.  This extended stay meant lots of two on one time for Jason and I with Hadley as well as lots of visitors.

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It’s hard to believe that these two beautiful girls are mine!

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Uncle Kevin and Aunt Stefanie came to visit on Saturday night.  After the kids left to go to KayKay and GrandDavid’s we got to eat and spend some time hanging out with Kevin and Stefanie which was very nice!

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Sunday was Mother’s Day.  It was nice to spend it with another sweet little baby, but my postpartum hormones were all over the place and I woke up Sunday morning devastated that I wasn’t getting to spend the day with all three of my babies.  So I requested that they come back before lunch and Kay and David were nice enough to agree.  Even though it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, I am thankful every day that I get to be Mommy to these three beautiful children!

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We enjoyed lots of visitors around lunchtime and enjoyed the rest of Mother’s Day.

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By Monday morning we were DONE with the hospital and very ready to get home.  Unfortunately, there were delays in discharging us and I was, again, very emotional by the time it was time to go home.  I’m sure I was but I don’t remember being quite so all over the place after the births of the other two.  Once we were given the ok to leave we were quick to head out.  It seemed crazy to be heading home with another little one but we couldn’t have been happier!

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I would be remiss in talking about our hospital stay if I didn’t mention the beautiful name painting that graced Hadley’s door.  For each of our kids I’ve had a painting personalized with their names for the hospital door and then, once we got home, their door at home.  Hadley was no different and I had probably one of my oldest friends, Catherine, add her name to one of her beautiful paintings.  We got an enormous amount of compliments on it during our hospital stay and I love how it graces the entrance to her room now that we’re home!

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