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Over the years since starting this blog it’s morphed into a few different things.  I now use it to promote my shop, Tales of a Peanut, as well as share products and reviews of things that I love.  But my main purpose in starting the blog, and still my primary goal, is to retain the memories of our lives.  I have created blog books in the past (and plan to catch back up one of these days) and our whole family loves looking through them and remembering the details of our day to day life.

Now that I’m adjusting to the scant amount of sleep that I’m getting each night I’m using some of my extremely limited down time to try and catch the blog up.  And I would be remiss if I failed to talk about my 30th birthday!

The weekend started off with a bang when Kelly arrived from Mississippi!  She drove all the way up to go to dinner and spend the night to celebrate my day.  It meant so much to me that she took so much time out of her very busy life to make my weekend special!  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Commerce Kitchen on Friday night and greatly enjoyed catching up!


On Saturday, Kelly had the privilege of getting to wait to purchase Showcase tickets with me at the civic center.  It ended up being a nice chance to catch up on what’s going on in our lives without the kids around.  After we got back with the tickets we all headed to lunch at Taziki’s where the kids wanted to sit by Miss Kelly.  Hopefully helping my two kids was more relaxing than helping her three and she still got a break!  We were sad to see her go after lunch but I was so blessed by her visit.  It was a wonderful gift and a great start to my birthday weekend!



(PS In this picture James is screaming because I wanted to be in the picture and came over to sit next to him.  You can see that Mommy is chopped liver when Miss Kelly is around!)

Friday also included a beautiful floral delivery of 30 purple tulips from Jason, Charlotte, and James!  They were gorgeous but there was a little drama surrounding them.  Jason and Charlotte had been plotting and scheming for weeks about my birthday and apparently Charlotte wanted three different colors of tulips in the arrangement — 10 in one color for Jason, 10 in another color for Charlotte, and 10 in a third color for James.  So there were some tears from her when the flowers didn’t arrive how she and Daddy had requested they arrive but they were still gorgeous and I loved them all the same!


On Sunday we got up and went to church.  I love this picture of the three of us from before church.  These kiddos are so sweet and they (along with the rest of my family) went above and beyond to make my birthday so special!


Mom and Dad spirited the kids away after church to give Jason and I a break.  We enjoyed our afternoon of reading and being lazy before we headed over to my parents for the birthday party.  I’m really mad that I didn’t take any pictures of the decorations because Charlotte pretty much bought out Party City for the party!  She had the front and back doors covered with gold and silver streamers along with pom pom flowers, crepe paper, a birthday banner, lots of shiny dangling spirals, and more.  Of course, she got the girls birthday princess crowns too!



I wanted a family picture but James couldn’t be persuaded to leave his golf club for two second for one.  Oh well, maybe next year!


I did manage to convince (bribe) him to take a picture with me later!


Overall is was a spectacular day.  My Mom always made a huge deal out of birthday’s growing up so they’ve always been really special to me.  It was so much fun this year to watch how excited Charlotte was to make my day extra special.  I greatly appreciate all of the effort that Mom, Dad, and Jason expended to follow all of Charlotte’s detailed instructions to make my day wonderful!



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