Family, Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday

4-90 1st Sweeties Game

There are times when I’m not sure that Jason thinks that I’ve ever done anything athletic in my life since I had long stopped with all of those kind of pursuits by the time we met.  But I like to remind him every now and then that I did, in fact, grow up participating in the typical youth sports.  For instance, in 1990 I had my first softball game for the Tigers!

I ended up playing softball for three years but wasn’t much of a fan of it when it got more competitive.  I also still bear a scar on my knee from one nasty fall into second base one year.  And to add a little more to my sports defenses, I also played golf for a couple years, basketball for one season, and soccer for one season.  I did gymnastics most years through middle school and danced one year.  I might not have been a pro at anything but I did try a lot!


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