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Charlotte’s second showcase was the last weekend of May.  All of the pre-school dance classes were princesses and Charlotte’s class got to be Ariel.  Charlotte was over the moon about this in the fall when she found out but wished that she could have been Elsa by the time showcase came around.  Thank goodness that no one was Anna or Elsa or I think the non-Frozen princess classes would have revolted!

As it was, our little Ariel was very excited about Showcase this year.  She did fantastic at dress rehearsal and did amazing at the show.  She also got to enjoy dancing next to one of her best friends, Mimi, which made it even more fun.  We’re so proud of Charlotte and how much she loves dance!




And a post from showcase wouldn’t be complete without including one of Charlotte and her dance icon, Abby.  Charlotte loves watching Abby dance and Abby is GOOD — like really, really, really good!  Charlotte says that she wants to dance like Abby when she grows up and I can’t wait to see if that comes true.  Abby and her friends are very sweet to Charlotte and I think Charlotte thinks that she’s a star because whenever they catch sight of her they start whispering, “There’s Abby’s cousin! There’s Abby’s cousin!”  We are so thankful to be in a studio that embraces our Christian values and has so many sweet girls for the young ones to look up to.




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