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Get Set to Get Wet

A few years ago I found a flower sprinkler on sale and purchased it thinking that Charlotte would love it.  Then came James and now Hadley and we still hadn’t gotten it out!  So on a hot weekend day Jason set it up during nap time and the kids were excited to get to play in the sprinkler when they got up!

2014 05 24_0080_edited-1
2014 05 24_0086_edited-1

It took Daddy running through with her a couple times before Charlotte was brave enough to attack it on her own.  Her squeals and laughter every time she ran through were wonderful to hear!

2014 05 24_0092_edited-1

2014 05 24_0110_edited-1

James stayed on the edges of the water most of the time but enjoyed getting a little wet!

2014 05 24_0111_edited-1



Where was Hadley during all this fun? She was snoozing in her bouncer in the shade on the porch.  Next year I’m sure she’ll be out there with Charlotte and James too!


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