Friday Peanuts – On My Mind

Friday Peanuts

Things I’m thinking about this week:

Glennon’s insightful post about having the hard conversation with your teen about how to say no to peer pressure and not just telling them to say no is wonderfully written.  Role playing is an important parental strategy and one that everyone should be utilizing even in their very young kids.

I love Lysa Terkeurst and have enjoyed watching her instagram photos from her Holy Land trip over the last few weeks.  This post entitled, “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” really touched me.  So often as a Mom I get overwhelmed with all of my responsibility and tasks that need to be accomplished and I find myself frozen without the will to continue since I feel like I can barely make a dent in my list.  Lysa’s encouragement to “Do the next small thing, the right way, right away” is so appropriate in that situation.

As someone who finds my world growing grayer and grayer if I’m off my meds, I think that mental health is something that needs to be discussed in our world.  I have felt the stigma associated with depression and other mental health illnesses and believe that we should be discussing the unknown causes behind the illnesses and acknowledge that they are not something that people can will themselves out of.  This article on teens hiding mental illness due to the stigma really struck me as applicable and something that everyone should consider when they discuss this issue.  Words can hurt and aren’t easily forgotten and those who suffer from mental illness need all the support that they can get.

Jessica Turner’s post “Put on that Swimsuit” is wonderful.  Especially since I’m 8 weeks out from delivery I’m unsure every time I put on a swimsuit.  But I know that my kids want me to be there enjoying the pool time with them.  Mama’s, go read Jessica’s post and get off the edge of the pool and enjoy summer with your kids!

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