First Year Months, Hadley

Two Months Old

Well, you wouldn’t be the third child if your Mom wasn’t already late in posting your monthly posts on your two month birthday.  Ha!  Even though it’s a little late, the pictures all came from her birthday yesterday and surely that’s good enough.  We love you to the moon Peanut, even if Mommy was still very overwhelmed at two months!

HGE 2 months_2014 07 09_0043_edited-1

Sweet Hadley Girl,

You have grown so much in the past month! You are developing your own sweet personality and charming us with your smiles.  You will turn your head if you hear my voice and grin really big if I talk in just the right high pitched voice.  Your Daddy told me last night, “Even though she’s so little, I can’t imagine our lives without her.”  And that’s the truth sweetheart.  You complete our family and we are so incredibly thankful that God chose us to be your parents!

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So what’s been going on this month?  Well, our big struggle has been with reflux.  After copious amounts of spit up and you waking up from naps screaming in pain, your doctor put you on Zantac and it has helped (somewhat) with the problem.  It seemed to have taken away the pain (although not the spit up) but we had to up your dose at the beginning of the week because you’ve grown so much since he originally dosed you.  I think it’s helping but it wasn’t the miracle cure that we were hoping that it would be.  Plus, it smells and tastes (supposedly) awful and you CAN NOT STAND IT so giving it to you twice a day is no fun and you try your hardest to spit as much of it out as you can.

How much have you grown you say?  We won’t go in for your two month appointment until Monday so I’m not positive, but I think you’re weighing between 8 and 8 1/2 pounds.  You look like such a bigger baby at this point and are even starting to outgrow some of your 0-3 month clothes!  You’re still in size 1 diapers at night.  During the day we try to keep you in cloth and you are somewhere between fitting comfortably in the newborn BumGenius and the one size Freetime’s.  They both fit but not perfect.  Thankfully, even without a perfect fit they rarely leak.

HGE 2 months_2014 07 09_0093_edited-2

As for sleep, we were so proud of you on the night before your 7 week birthday when you slept through the night for the first time!  We woke you up to feed around 10/10:30 and then I woke you up to eat again at 5:30! (You were stirring but hadn’t reached critical levels yet.)  Sadly, you have only repeated one or two more times since then.  But most nights you are sleeping around 5 to 5 1/2 hours which is pretty good.  It means that I’m only getting up once at night which is nice.  Hopefully you’ll start consistently sleeping through the night in the next few weeks.  (Please, please baby girl start sleeping through the night all the time!)

Daytime napping alternates between being wonderful to being awful.  You’re very good these days at getting yourself to sleep when we put you down.  And sometimes you sleep great until it’s time for your next feeding.  And then there are stretches (days) when you wake up early from every nap.  We can’t figure out what the cause is but there are multiple culprits that could be the problem.  It could be the reflux or the spit up since you almost always wake up with your outfit covered and sleeping on a wet spot.  Or it could just be normal baby cycles.  Whatever it is, hopefully we can figure it out soon because I don’t want you to be so upset so often.  It’s pitiful and so hard to take as a Mama.  I just want you to be happy and well all the time!

HGE 2 months_2014 07 09_0118_edited-2

You are a sweet sweet little girl despite our sleep issues.  When you’re awake and full you are so smiley.  You are vocalizing really well with lots of squeals.  You love batting at the monkeys on your bouncer.  You hold your head up great and are consistently continuing to roll onto your back from your stomach still so maybe that wasn’t a fluke.  You are still a great nurser and you usually nurse seven times a day although some days you get an eighth feeding.

We love you so much Hadley!  Happy two month birthday!



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    July 11, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Happy two months birthday, Hadley!
    We love you!
    GrandDavid & KayKay

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    July 11, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Happy Two Months Baby Hadley!!
    Memma and Papa

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