Friday Peanuts – End of Summer Edition

Friday Peanuts

Well, it’s the last Friday before school starts.  I think this has been the longest summer for all of us since we’ve been homebound with an infant for most of it.  I’m not sure if I or the kids are more ready for school to start but we’re all definitely ready!  Despite my eagerness to have the kids in a structured environment in the morning’s I am pretty emotional already about Charlotte starting kindergarten.  I anticipate that next Tuesday is going to be a lot of tears kind of day.

In more interesting news, here’s what I’m thinking about and loving today.

#BecauseJesus – A very thought provoking piece on whether the Christian culture in America is selfish

A Love Letter to All the Daughters Everywhere – “You are loved because you are” Exactly what I want my girls to know.

What to Do About Tattling – Jason and I are thinking about instituting this method to curtail tattling in our house.  Any other ideas?

Beginning of Kindergarten Coloring Sheet – I think it’s a neat idea to have your child color this sheet at the beginning of kindergarten and the end to see how their coloring has progressed.

Free Back to School Printables – Last year I put together some free back to school printables to remind yourself in years to come what your child loved at the beginning of each year of school and how big their hand was.  (I also do this at the end of the year.)  I wanted to link to them in case you want to use them.  There’s also a teacher questionnaire if you want to know what you can do during the year to bless your child’s teacher in a way that they will really appreciate.

Christmas Stockings – I just ordered these as our forever after stockings and I can’t wait for them to come in! I think they’ll look beautiful hanging from our mantle.

Personalized Champagne Flutes – Saw these on Etsy and wish I had a need for them or a place to give them!

Comfort Colors Monogrammed T-Shirt – Seeing as I’m wearing t-shirts basically every day these days I think a monogrammed comfort colors shirt would break up my typical game t-shirts and various travel shirts.

bikn – I like the idea of this device that you can have your kids keep in their pocket and then you can track them with your phone.  Sounds like a great idea for trips to theme parks or other large crowds.  My only question is about the security and whether other people can track my kids too.  I guess that’s the computer scientist in me thinking but it’s a real concern.

Ebola patients brought back to the USA – While thinking that Ebola is on US soil is scary, this article by the lead nurse at Emory reminds me that the purpose of medicine is to help others.  And if I was in their position, I would surely want to be brought back to the US for treatment as opposed to staying in Africa!

Blurb – I’m still working on updating our memory books and in case you’re working on them too here are two coupon codes: Save 25% on print book orders of $75+ on 1st purchase only and Save 15% on all purchases.  Both are good through August 25. (These are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through them.  See my link/review disclosures for more information.)

Have a great weekend!

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