The Day Before Kindergarten

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Today is your last day before you walk through the school doors and embark on a new journey as a school age kid.  It is truly unfathomable to me that you are already old enough to be starting kindergarten.  I remember just yesterday dropping you off in Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Julie’s class for your first Mother’s Morning Out.  You screamed and cried and reached for me and as I turned around and left my heart was torn in two because I knew that it would be so good for you and for me but all I wanted in that second was to run back and scoop you into my arms and never let you out of my sight.


Tomorrow you will walk through those same doors that I took you for your first day of Mother’s Morning Out.  I doubt that you will hold my hand as you walk through those doors to start your “real” education.  You have mentioned that you’re a little nervous about starting school so you might be a little unsure as I leave but I know that there will be no tears.  You have grown so much from that tiny 15 month old and I know that just like you eventually embraced MMO, you are going to excel and soar in kindergarten.


You are such a smart girl Charlotte and one of my prayers for your education is that you fall in love with learning like I did.  You can be ANYTHING that you want to be, but it’s going to require working hard and learning a lot before you can do it.  It’s ok not to have any idea what you want to be when you grow up (you recently said art teacher and that was the first profession you have ever mentioned when we ask you) since what you want to be now will almost surely not be what you end up being when you grow up.  And no matter what you choose, your Daddy and I will do our best to support you.


You have such a tender heart Charlotte and I pray desperately that you surround yourself with people who will help your heart stay intact.  No matter what happens or what anyone says to you, know that we believe in you and will always be here for you.


I’m not sure how I will react once I leave you at school tomorrow.  I will probably be sad as it means that our days together will now be limited to summers and holiday’s.  And while I will, hopefully, always be your biggest influence, I will not be the one who influences the majority of your time in the coming years.  But I will also be so incredibly excited for you.  This year and the years to come are going to be wonderful for you.  You will learn so much about yourself and the world around you and you will also learn so much intellectually.  I am waiting with baited breath to watch you grow and learn as the days and weeks and years go by.

You are my kind, loving, generous, smart, beautiful, creative, thoughtful, ambitious, joyous, rambunctious, precocious, silly, charming girl and I love you forever and ever.  Every minute of every second of every day.

Have fun baby.  Try your best and work hard.  Make friends.  Be discerning.  Laugh a lot.  Express yourself.  Be proud in who you are and what you think and feel.

And know that no matter what, your Daddy and I, and especially God, will always be here for you cheering you on and praying for you.

We love you,


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