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The rest of our summer

This summer has really been mostly spent at the house since Hadley’s schedule has been so up in the air and we haven’t wanted to expose her to much.  Plus, I’m basically terrified at taking all three kids out by myself if I’m honest.  But we’ve had fun here and I wanted to share a few other pictures from the last month of our summer.

2014 07 02_0004_edited-1

No one can ever say that this girl doesn’t have spunk.  She has started posing when she takes a picture and uses various dance poses when she does it.  Like this one.  Bless her, I don’t even know what else to say.


My kids love eating out.  Huh, can’t be because I’m not a very good cook, right?  Anyway, one night after dinner we came back to Memma and Papa’s to get some peach pie and ice cream and I snapped this of Mom and Hadley.  Aren’t they both so beautiful?


Once we moved Hadley upstairs we have all spent a lot more time in her room.  The big kids run back and forth to the playroom but by the time she’s done eating they’re usually in her room and want to hold her.  I love how sweet they are together.


Looks like Hadley’s excited to be in a picture with her beautiful name painting from Mrs. Kim! (PS She’s got a Christmas limited edition painting and kits for kids to make coming out soon on her blog.  Follow her on Facebook or Twitter so that you’ll be the first to know when they’re for sale!) (PPS  She doesn’t know I’m saying this, just a friendly public service announcement so you can enjoy her awesome art like we do!)



Another post-feeding picture of my three cuties.  It seems kind of unbelievable that I have three kids but if I had to pick any three kids, I’d want these three!


This girl.  She’s so grown up you guys. With some gladiator-esque sandals and a grown up dress for church she’s looking more 10 than 5.  She makes me so happy!


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