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Friday Peanuts

Friday Peanuts

Well, I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks.  Sorry about that! The getting back into school routine has thrown me for a loop and I’m just now getting somewhat settled into a new schedule.  For now, a list of some things going on will have to suffice.  Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming next week!

Alabama Women Bloggers

– I’m the Blogger of the Month for September over on the Alabama Women Bloggers site.  The topic of the month is “Back in My Day” and my first post went live on Monday with some reflection on what I learned about parenting from my parents.  Check out my post and let me know what you learned from your parents and are putting into practice with your family!  I’ll be posting there every Monday in September so be sure to check back next week to see what I’m talking about!



– I love Courtney DeFeo.  She has a heart for Mom’s and for helping us parent the best that we can.  She has a new book coming out this fall (In this House We Will Giggle) and I’m on pins and needles waiting to read it.  I know that it’s going to be awesome!  We have a mutual friend, Lindsey, who her girls calls Izzy, and Courtney has started featuring Lindsey the first Wednesday of every month.  Lindsey is one of my favorite people and has so much to teach Mom’s from all of her time spent babysitting and nannying.  I LOVED her idea about a donation basket from this month’s post and am going to implement it in my house ASAP!



– Courtney is also featuring a Q&A from Tara Concelman from Home First Behavior once a month.  Another great parenting resource! Make sure to read the comments for even more nuggets of wisdom!



– There are apparently 940 Saturday’s in your child’s life from when they are born until they turn 18.  This journal is a way to keep track of what you do with each of those for your child’s life.  I LOVE this idea and think that once a week record keeping is more manageable than every day like some suggest.  A lot of ours in the fall would show us in Tuscaloosa but that’s fun to record as well! This would make a great baby shower or Christmas gift!


– I’m already getting nowhere with the “how was your day” question after school.  I’m going to start trying some of these questions and see if they get me further!



– Look at these cuties featured over on the Baby Be Blessed blog with their namesake dolls!

Tales of a Peanut 9-14


– I’m advertising over at Everything Etsy for the next few months! Check out their Directory for other great Etsy shops!

That’s it for this Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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