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James’ birthday party went through lots of iterations of theme before he finally settled on a dinosaur train themed party combining two of his favorite things. Of course, as guests were arriving he told me he actually wanted a golf party but he seemed to accept that it was too late to change it.57F51 Front 57F51 Back

I went pretty low key for the party, simply decorating with the trains and dinosaurs that we had around the house. James requested cupcakes instead of a cake but couldn’t decide on a combination for cake and icing so I just got multiple kinds.

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The birthday boy wouldn’t pose for a picture the entire party. Therefore, this is one of the best that I got of him from his party. I’m sure he’ll regret that decision when he’s fourteen. Or, maybe not, who knows.

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Sissy posed with me though and looks way too cute in her party outfit!

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James was excited that it was finally his party despite the fact that all morning he said that he didn’t want a party. If you can’t tell, he is in a state of continual flux of opinions these days. But by the time guests started arriving he was bouncing off the walls in excitement.

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We enjoyed spending some time with our family and a lifelong friends. It was the first time that lots of our family had seen Hadley since she was born so she got passed around a lot before she went back down for a nap.

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James was excited to open all of his wonderful presents although he wasn’t too keen to continue opening new presents instead of getting out each gift and playing with it as it came out of the package.

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After opening presents James took a very short break to blow out a candle and enjoy a cupcake. He only conceded to a cupcake since it was taking Memma and Papa some time to unpack age his new toys to play with.

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I tried a picture with the birthday boy again but, still, this was all I got. Maybe next year.

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James couldn’t wait to get his hands on his new toys and recruited cousin Josh to play with him and, later, read him some new books.

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We’re so thankful for all of our family and friends who joined us to celebrate James turning three. It’s hard to believe that he is growing into such a big boy and we love watching him learn new things each and every day!


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