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Once October rolled around this fall, Tales of a Peanut ramped up and I literally spent every free or semi-free moment working on new designs, orders, and other business “stuff”. Which is great and I loved it but it leaves me here now without having blogged about the entire fall. And since I use the blog as my scrapbook I kind of want to catch up. So, please excuse me over the next few weeks while I try to catch up and try to get back in the blogging routine. I have big plans for the shop and the blog for this year and hope to get them going soon also!

So, let’s rewind the clock back to September….

James got a set of real golf clubs for his birthday from us. To say that he was excited would be an understatement. He immediately wanted to go hit some balls.

2014 09 04_0036_edited-1 web

2014 09 04_0050_edited-1

Sissy rode her bike while James golfed.

2014 09 04_0074_edited-1

2014 09 04_0076_edited-1

We headed to Tuscaloosa for gameday on James’ actual birthday. We had a great day celebrating James and he enjoyed more presents and more birthday excitement. Although, he might have been more excited about the game than his birthday by that point. As a downer on the day, Charlotte got sick that night and then the fire alarm in the condo went off and we all had to evacuate to the parking lot for a while after the kids had gone to sleep. They’re still talking about that! But, overall, we had a great day celebrating James turning three!

2014 09 06_0010_edited-1

2014 09 06 IMG_2800

3014 09 06 IMG_2797

2014 09 06 IMG_7162_edited-1

2014 09 06 IMG_7169_edited-1


We headed back down to Tuscaloosa the next weekend after a very long week while Jason, Memma, and Papa were all out of town. Charlotte took her first of many pictures with the Sparkly Cheerleaders this season (that fascination has not waned in the slightest) and Hadley got her first game attendance of the year.

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0016_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0027_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0029_edited-1

2014 09 13_UA v S Miss_0034_edited-1


Hadley continued to grow like a week this month and both Charlotte and James grew a lot also. James also either got tired of me only taking pictures of Hadley or got more interested in her because he asked me to take this picture of the two of them one morning.


Coming up next…our trip to Watersound!

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