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The Spookiest Night of the Year

I don’t know where Charlotte and James came up with it, but there were so excited about Halloween this year and kept calling it The Spookiest Night of the Year.


Even though neither of them wanted to touch the inside of the pumpkin, they enjoyed carving him on the night before Halloween. They ran around the yard yelling “Spooooky” and shrieking. I bought a picture of them sitting on the sidewalk with their arms around each other. And although we didn’t know what they were looking at, I think it made all of our hearts stop a little bit.


Charlotte had a book character parade at school. She and her classmates dressed up as a character from a book and brought the book with them to school. They paraded around the school and all the younger kids got to watch them in their costumes. Charlotte had planned on being a princess for weeks but a few days before the parade she decided that she wanted to be Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. So we fixed up a spider costume and she was the cutest spider that I’ve ever seen!




Then it was finally time for the big night. It was FREEZING and windy on Halloween night and spitting rain so we didn’t stay out for very long. But despite the yucky weather, the kids had a blast going trick or treating.



Meet Peter Pan, a strawberry, and Charlotte.



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