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5 Important Things to Tell Your Kids in a Letter

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You might be saying, “I just received my beautiful Handwritten Heritage set, now what?” All you have to do is just start. The letters won’t be perfect. But they’ll be perfect for you. Because really, isn’t life more beautiful with little handwriting imperfections and funny things that we write? Here are 5 of the most important things you should tell your kids in a letter…

Praise them:

Your babies need to know that you see them. You see when they help out around the house. You see when they practice really hard on their sport or band instrument. You see how great a job they are doing. You see how strong their character is and what a great person they are, even when they don’t think anyone is looking. Praise your babies. Use your Handwritten Heritage packs to praise their efforts and their accomplishments.

I love you:

They need to know that they are loved unconditionally. No matter what. They don’t need to earn your love, it’s always given. They don’t have to make perfect grades or be a sports star. They are just the way God designed them to be and you love them regardless. Expressing this in the written word is not only beautiful but a reminder for years and years to come.

I appreciate you:

You appreciate them and their hard work. You appreciate when they are kind to their brothers, sisters, and to others. You appreciate when they try their hardest. This is a great time to remind them that they are doing a great job and you see that even if you don’t say it out loud to them every day. Sometimes we might say more about the negative things we see not really considering that they are hearing more of this then the positives. Pour yourself out to them and let them know they are incredible.

You’re important to me: 

Children need to know that they are valued and important to you. It’s so important to let them know your heart. Don’t be afraid to show them it is okay to be honest and humble. You can use this to admit to a mistake or just show that you aren’t perfect either but you value them so much. They are incredible and amazing and you are so thankful for them.

Tell them a Story:

They won’t remember most of the things they say and do. But if we can quickly jot that story down and then write it out beautifully for them in a Handwritten Heritage letter, then that is priceless. We can’t put a price tag on those precious memories. But we can savor them and share them for them for when they are older and appreciate them as much as we do.


If you haven’t checked out the Handwritten Heritage sets that are available yet go and look at them in the shop. Some are available for purchase now and some are on pre-order for a mid July delivery. Once you’ve done that, join us in the Instagram challenge July 5-11! You don’t have to use Handwritten Heritage packs, just join us in writing letters to your children. A winner will be chosen from the participants to win a swag bag of Tales of a Peanut goodies! Sign up for more information here.

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