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#WriteYourLove Challenge – Day 1

Handwritten Heritage Instagram Challenge Tales of a Peanut


It’s Day One in the #WriteYourLove challenge and today we’re sharing our blank letters that we’ll be writing on this week. The goal for the week is to write your love through written letters to your children, your spouse, your family, or your friends. You can use any type of paper or stationery for this but I will be using Handwritten Heritage stationery.

Handwritten Heritage Instagram Challenge - Blank Paper - Tales of a Peanut

My goal this week is to write some letters to my children on the prompted Handwritten Heritage pages as well as write some letters to a friend or two and my husband on my monogrammed Handwritten Heritage stationery and the blank pages. If you’re new to Handwritten Heritage, the goal is to write letters that will last a lifetime. In this day and age, handwriting a letter is becoming increasingly rare. But a physical letter expressing your love for someone can be read over and over again no matter what the future holds for the person who wrote it. This challenge is to encourage you to write your love for those closest to you so that they can hold those sentiments in their hands for years to come.

I encourage everyone to join in with us on Instagram this week! You can participate any, some, or all days on instagram simply by tagging your picture with the #writeyourlove hashtag. But if you want to receive some daily encouragement in your inbox and be entered for a swag bag of Tales of a Peanut products after completing the challenge, you can sign up here. And you can join in any day during the week! You can post all of your pictures on one day, multiple days, or one picture a day — it’s up to you!

I want to follow along with your challenge and encourage you! So leave me a comment with your instagram handle and what you’ll be writing on! I’ll randomly select one of the comments to send an assorted set of cards so you can keep writing your love even after the challenge ends!

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